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  1. Actually I heard that rule was scrapped by Hotshot so you can reply to your own apps now sorry mate but, he’s good to reply when he wishes
  2. If he’s as bad as your making him sound why haven’t you brought it up to maverick?
  3. +/- Support Your a great guy! I have rarely seen you minge if ever. However i dont think your quite able to take command a way a VCMDR should. Like you just kinda randomly let people walk over ya. Like in TS i can hear you start talking but people just start talking over ya and you just fade. I think you need to speak up a bit more before you make VCMDR. with that said if you make it i believe you could do a great job just speak up a bit more:) ~DT CPT Temp CC5
  4. +/-Support sorry Gillis i still love you i promise. Personally i dont think your quite serious enough to be VCDMR in DT. You can be serious don't get me wrong but you loose yourself quite often and get in your little borderline minge setting a little to much. and you also did just make CPT. Still love you my guy no hard feelings i just don't think your right for the position:) With that said if you make it i will be happy for ya. Just please tone down the mingeness ~DT CPT Temp CC5
  5. +Support hes the best qualified to be VCMDR in DT and that's coming from a DT CPT. He's the best qualified and out of the options hes done the most for DT. He's a great guy and great leader. I think he can handle the leadership role better then the others because hes shown it and constantly! No hard feelings to the others i just feel more comfortable with oddshot being the VCMDR ~DT CPT Temp CC5
  6. DENIED you can’t leave phantom sorry I’ve decided your staying your to good of a VCDMR to leave
  7. +++++++ support love this guy! Does all he can for DT whenever he can and then some! He’s got great leadership skills! I think you could do really well in the position! ~DT 1LT CC5
  8. ^ your app was written well but... you did just join DT. Keep workin for that CPT rank then try again ~DT 1LT CC5
  9. Ingame Name: DT 2LT CC5 Job Name: Jawa Server: Imperial RP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:187465416 The person that Paid SteamID:
  10. Would say thank you but.......no like just no could’ve been a good update but....ya I’m not going to go there rn
  11. It was funny man like I guess if someone’s not mature enough to handle a little fun then ya I guess I deserved the warning (the comment above is a fun comment not abusive or bullying behavior to any one person)
  12. Imagine getting warned for a meme what a lad
  13. Ok so purge needed more health to attack force wielders that’s a ok to me. So what’s so bad about us getting more health to protect high command? Yes we have a powerful weapon. But you can’t use that as a argument for why we shouldn’t get more health because the fact is we die before we can use it. We can’t do are job when we get killed in 2 seconds. We’re HC guard squad and spec Opps force and yet we get killed just as quick as most troopers. That’s my 2 cents