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  1. Name: Jack Rank & Callsign: SGT & XR2 Discord: Matchstckgmr#3322 Divisions: N/A Activity: Active(listed as Just Promoted 2 have been for a minute now) Suggestions: I have no suggestions at this time. COMMAND ONLY: why you should retain your position?
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    Jack's LOA

    Name: Jack Rank: LCPL Callsign: XA22 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 2/10/2020 return is presently unknown Reason (if private write N/A): My computer has been randomly blue screening and I am currently trying to fix it so far no luck I hope to return asap but the blue screen sometimes happens when I try to get on gmod which obviously affects my ability to get on. I will still be able to attend meeting on friday's as teamspeak does not seem to trigger the blue screen presently. To prove I am having this issue here is a link to a forum board I am requesting help on. Please do not demote or kick me as I am not doing this cause I want to or for laughs or to be lazy I want to be on and be active.
  3. Name: Jack Rank: PFC Callsign: XX8 Activity: Active(Just promoted 1) Suggestions: None at the moment Why should you retain your rank (LT+ answer this):