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  1. Name: Tucker Rank: Lord V Date (MM/DD): 09/10 Date you will return (MM/DD): 09/20 Reason (can be private): Got one test next week and one in two weeks that i have to train for Will probably be on just to be afk and get XP and i'll be available in discord
  2. @CPL Blue Bird 1D34 Just record or screenshot it and report it to your command and if it's staff you can report it in https://gaminglight.com/forums/forum/673-report-center/
  3. I have been thinking about this for a week or so now, and i have decidwd to resign from all my Imperial RP positions. I joined the server about 8 months ago now and when i joined thought this server would be as shity as many other servers but i was wrong. The server had one of the nicest communities i have ever been in. But ever sense i joined i have played about 1-3 days a months with my friends and now i really feel like i have to take contact with them agian. So i'm leaving, i will come one and say hi sometimes and i might come back but not in atleast 2-3 months. So with this i say good bye. (Also i'm to lazzy to do some mentions)
  4. There is nothing called minge hours. If you see someone breaking the rules you can arrest that person