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  1. Damn welcome to retirement gang. you were a great friend. I hope all goes well in your future endeavor's
  2. Bruh no DENIED i wasnt expecting this you were a great friend and a big boomer lets talk again someday
  3. I know this may be unexpected however lately i've just been super bored of GL im just forcing myself to get on now and don't really have a drive to play anymore. I have been here for a while and honestly I'm glad that I was a part of GL. It's been super fun with the people whom I met over the course of my time in GL. i will hop on here and there to check whatsup but that's really it. Now my special mentions Monaco: I remember when you were an enlisted and somehow out ranked me and over time we became good friends. You were my first depressed friend. Jake/IF Agent Night Shadow: Even though you're the biggest minge ever. We became good friends and agree on a lot of CERTAIN topics Dagger: don't get demoted again Styles: my son keep climbing the ranks and make ST great Josh: we met back on Police rp and then you transferred to Imperial rp i've not known you for long but i do know that your a great ST officer make sure ST’s stay the best battalion. Bakka: I remember when you were a ST PVT and somehow you ended up out ranking me and became a big boi Grand General. You were a great Commander but more importantly a great friend. Max; you're a great Officer keep making ST’s great and even get VCMDR someday. Your also a pretty chill guy Lazz: Wuv u (no homo) Matrix: biggest boomer
  4. ACCEPTED your Resignation has been Accepted plz talk to me in game to get your rank also because Camden was the best
  5. +SUPPORT Active Mature Already Staff Knows what he is doing Good event ideas
  6. lmao stfu sad to see you go loser
  7. NOOOOO Denied Reapply never its sad to see you go you were the first and best ST senior commander. i remember when you were just a little ST PVT and then you ended up out ranking me. you were also a good friend