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  1. Still shouldn't be in the application itself, any further arguments towards my own personal opinion take it in my dm's.
  2. I've brought it up with Maverick also you are not allowed to respond on your own commander application.
  3. - Support -Doesen't Meet Requirements - App looks rushed - Personally I do not know who you are ~31st Commander Cody
  4. + Support - Extremely Active - Not afraid to discipline troopers - Well Respected in PURGE from what i've seen - Possibly best candidate for the position ~31st Commander Cody
  5. -Support Abuses Authority Leads Troopers improperly Fails to punish troopers for wrong doings
  6. Its not because of the model its because we have the wrong swep bud.
  7. when we playing tarkov?
  8. Apply in the Commander Applications Section - Make sure to follow the format too
  9. MAJOR + Support - Best 31st - Most Active member I've had - Brought in so many new troops -Wants to better the battalion and puts suggestions in constantly.