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  1. Heya Peeps, Its been a fun journey with you all but I'm a bit burnt out of GL and Naval and I got my exams coming up and all of that, so I know I won't be on GL as much, which is why I'm Resigning! Snar and Nolan - Was pretty skeptical about you joining Naval at first but you surprised me with your dedication to Naval, continue to do well within Naval :3 Thermite, Tucker, Pooders, Hobbs - You were probably the people I've known the longest in Naval currently, you were all fun to be around and you are all good at your jobs, well Hobbs is a bit special but oh well Brecken your probably the one I had the most expectations for when you first joined and I knew you were gonna do great within Naval and you have done so keep doing what ya doing To everyone else I didn't mention, keep doing some great work within Naval and keep the ship in tip-top shape! I will be sad to go but it makes it a bit easier knowing every one of you will be striving to help Naval to the max! :3333 - I will still be on the server from time to time but not as much, I want to say rest in peace to the 86th streak I lost today... I will always remember you... Also to the next Admiral Versio, Have fun! IF is a great battalion like the last Versio said, although sometimes it can be a bit surprising lmao. - Koga Signin out
  2. Name and Rank: Lord Koga Activity (Such as active, semi-active, LOA): On the Roster, I'm pretty sure it says Inactive How many ticks you have currently: 1  What battalion you are a part of: N/A
  3. Approved Dm me #Xoxea4918
  4. Pending (no SO spots available)
  5. -Support Don't feel as though he should be given this rank at this moment in time as I do not believe he is ready to receive this rank and also I do see him minge quite a lot but that might just be me...
  6. - Support Terrible Application, No effort and a lot of the questions aren't even filled out, If you can't be bothered to make a decent application then just don't bother making one at all. - Also staff on another community