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  1. Bit bit, not really needed i don't see a problem with the faces we have?
  2. You also cant reply to your own app or you will be denied.
  3. - Support Not much effort in App No SteamID.. Eh..
  4. -support Not enough effort put in Not suppose to reply to your own app Not enough time/experience on the server
  5. If you had watched the video he does say he's lagging because he has a bad computer and hes on a SP world.
  6. +Support Obviously Read the Staff Guidelines He is a a great GM so I don't see why he wouldent be an amazing T-Mod Aswell. He is active and I see him on alot!
  7. What do you want to see? - The Addition of the Aura's LFS Fight Radar Why should we add it? - It will give Naval a holotable that shows them everything ship-related in the surrounding area. What are the advantages of having this? - It Shows enemy ships and friendly ships in real time in 3D above a holotable All types of ships such as big frigates/battleships to X-Wings or Tie Fighters and it also allows you to see who is flying the ships according to what I have read, I also believe it will enhance the RP between SF and Naval and whoever is flying as well. Who is it mainly for? - Naval and Possibly SF? Links to any content - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1875633201
  8. Mega +Support Best Events, Great Roleplayer Is pretty much known by everyone and a great person at that. In my opinion he would be a good Senior Commander