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  2. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Imperial Senior Guard Jones 2. Why do you want to be a Sovereign Protector of this branch? I want to be Sovereign Protector because recently our head Sovereign Protector stepped down and I think I was fit in assisting the new head of the Imperial Guards because I am 3rd highest in command not counting reserves. I think I've demonstrated my dedication to the Imperial Guards, a way I've showed this is when I was still a standard guard, I trained new guards that are still fairly active to this day and I would consider a good portion of them good guards that boost our reputation for the better. Some ways I could help is with managing the discord roles and the discord in general because currently there are only a few people who could do this and they’re not always active every time a new cadet has been trained. Finally, being Sovereign Protector would give me the power to host training sessions for the new cadets because the basic RG training doesn’t fully cover specific formations and what to do in specific scenarios, so I would be able to teach this to them in depth. I've dedicated lots of time into the server, but specifically the RGs, I believe we are a very good battalion and if I had more command, it would help me help the entire branch as an entirety. 3. What Level are you currently?: Currently, I am a level 29. 4. What is the Main Purpose of a Sovereign Protector for a branch? (100 Words): The main purpose of being a Sovereign Protector is to lead the new members and the Imperial Guards in general, so that they do their job of defending their command member with success and develop a good reputation upon the other battalions. We would need an active Sovereign Protector because as most people know, Imperial Guard Cadets and Imperial Guards have to maintain an Oath of Silence where we cannot speak, so we need somebody who can communicate to all the guards with ease, however there is only 1 Sovereign in this battalion and a lot of guards, so he would probably need assistance. It is also about teaching and training new members of how the Imperial Guards work and what they do in general, so we can have a big battalion without sacrificing any of our perfection and the quality of our Guards. Finally, Sovereign Protectors are supposed to keep order and peace among the battalion as a whole and enforce rules. 5. Why should I trust you to be a Sovereign Protector? (150 Words) You should trust me to be Sovereign Protector because I have fun with others, but not to the extent of minging. Also, I generally work well and develop a good relationship with most people on the server. I believe that if I had the power to help Imperial Guards, I could make our troops the best Imperial Guards that they could possibly be, this could vary from helping improve with their dueling skills, increasing their knowledge in lore, and even teaching them about formations and how to handle various types of scenarios properly, etc. Sovereign Protectors are chosen by being the best in terms of dueling and leadership and skill in general, I believe that I can maintain this sort of professionalism and keep peace, and our reputation strong within this battalion. I think that I’ve shown my abilities to help others and train them without being high up in command. I am confident that I will be able to lead the battalion under tough circumstances and scenarios to victory. I always try to go above and beyond in places where I can, ranging from orders given to be or missions, defending a high in command, etc. Lastly, I’ve dedicated about 220 hours into this server alone, this is by far my favorite server and I wouldn’t jeopardize that by breaking the rules. 6. What is your Lore Knowledge? from 1-10: My overall sith lore knowledge is pretty good, I would say about 9. Royal Guard knowledge I would say about a 8.5 and still learning new information daily. 7. Explain your Lore Knowledge Some facts that I’ve learned about lore from watching videos, reading comics, etc. First, Palpatine did not want clones from the Galactic Republic to be part of his elite group of protecters (Imperial Guards) because he knew that the clones were to easily manipulated as you can see what happened in Order 66. Secondly, the Imperial Guards were chosen because they were the best of the best in various different Imperial military branches, they were sent to a training academy located on the planet of Yinchorr and went through years of very tough training, striving for perfection, they would even go to the extent of killing each other for their own survival. Thirdly, if you were chosen to fulfill the role of Sovereign Protector, you would go through years of training and you would be taught how to use to force, specifically the dark side. Palpatine ensured that Sovereign Protectors wouldn’t be proficient in the force, so they wouldn’t be able to exceed him in power and even possibly overthrow him. 10. How often can you be Online? : I can be online everyday for a couple hours at least. If I am not, I will be on the next day unless I am on a LOA which should happen very rarely, only under circumstances like family or school.
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