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  1. Lore name: Costcotron1924 Give a brief description of your character: Loves to help higher-ups, can be known to kill d class, can help identify certain objects. Are you a member of, or currently applying for Command?: Currently no. An entity has been reported to have manifested on the surface, and is observed to be in a state of dormancy. After the area had been secured by local MTF, you are called up by Administration, and have been told to bring two personnel of any kind with you, along with any equipment you need that is within your clearance. How will you prepare your trip to the surface? (100 Words): I will ask 1 Lead researcher of my choosing and a command member to help supervise the research on the entity. I will bring DNA cotton balls, a microscope, some medication in case one of the researchers, MTF, or entity is in an ill state, and a spare tranquilizer in case of the entity going rouge. I would also want to pack some rations in case entity is in a hungry state, some sleeping bags in case we are out at the location for a while (in case a tent isn't at the location), a blanket in case entity is in a critical condition. You make your way up to the surface, and there stood the entity. It turns to you and begins to speak with you. After assurance by MTF that verbal contact will not result in aggravation, you begin to ask it questions. What are those questions? (50 Words): So, do you know how you got to this area? What is your name? What do you describe yourself as? Can you get angry at times, or are you passive and friendly all the time? What is your favorite hobby, or do you like to sit around all day? Do you like to help other people? Not long after, the entity begins to grow increasingly agitated for reasons you may have possibly discovered during your investigation. In a fit of rage, the entity begins to cut down nearby MTF, leaving only you and the two personnel you have brought, in the midst the carnage. How will you handle the calamity? Do you try to reason with it? Or do you turn a tail and retreat? (100 Words): If the entity spares all 3 of the research personnel, we would try to reason with it to see what it would like if we were to contain it. If it were to agree being contained and have some requests, we would grant those requests so we don't have another incident prior to containment. If we were to experience another fit of rage by the entity we would try and tranquilize it with the tranquilizer that we packed. If entity says that it was sorry for its little outrage, we would try to contain it immediately and get it in foundation custody if entity were to run away from the secured area.
  2. Lore Name: Costcotron1924 Rank: Senior Researcher SCP: 966 Question / Idea: Will a thermal flashlight outline the 966 instances? Background Research: 966 is a humanoid bering the height of 1.4 to 1.6 meters tall except all 5 instances are invisible and can only be seen with thermal imaging. Their weight can be up to around 30 kgs. All 966 instances can only be seen from wave lengths ranging from 900nm to around 700nm (although if a 966 instance receives a second or third-degree burn, the wave lengths change to around 360nm in the affected area). Humans that interact with 966 will suffer from sleep prevention, causing the affected subjects to fall to the ground after if not treated immediately, if nearby a 966 instance, they will begin to consume said subject. Hypothesis: If the 966 instances can be outlined with the thermal flashlights, then we can issue them to researchers and utility branches so they know where a 966 instance is in case of a breach. Observations (What Happened During Test): Subject described being able to see a humanoid outline (presumably SCP 966's) and saying that it was moving across the north side of the room towards him. MTF were able to see 966 closing on the subject. Then subject said that the outline disappeared, MTF then saw 966 moving behind the subject before shortly being terminated. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Large lacerations were observed on subjects body, (cuts ranged from 2 inches deep to around 1.5 inches) as well as little nail pieces being observed being lodged inside subjects flesh. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): The thermal flashlight was a combination of a tactical flashlight, (those that are used on weapons) thermal goggle lenses, and a 18V battery. The light was bright enough for one large oval of light (expected brightness to be around 500nm to 700nm). Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: The test was sort of a success, due to subject being able to see only the outlines of 966, not the entire entity. For now, it could be safe enough to issue these to Research personnel and utility personnel, but however, the thermal flashlight will go under heavy modifications, due to the version that was used in the test being a prototype. For now, they will not be given out until we can make sure the flashlight doesn't drain battery quickly.
  3. why would we have like paper files and i was inspired, not copied
  4. SR Fry's Profile SR MahKo's Profile SR Costcotron1924's Profile WARNING! THIS PROFILE REQUIRES LEVEL 3 CLEARANCE TO ACCESS DO YOU WISH TO CONTINUE YES NO OPENING FILE...... 100% USER: Dr. CLEF CLEARANCE: LEVEL 4 USER ACCEPTED CURRENT PICTURE OF SR Costcotron1924 NAME: Costcotron1924 NICKNAMES: SCP-5001, Costco, Cost CURRENT RANK: Senior Researcher CURRENT SITE: SITE 05 TESTING LOG: DD Costcotron1924 was presented with a class d subject, D-7204. Costco then started to talk to the class d, but then Costco disappeared out of thin air and then exited the roof, and killing D-7204 instantly. D-7204's body suffered cranial trauma, large teeth marks were observed around D-7204's head. The hole in the roof was made by Costco when he exited the ceiling and entered the floor, right after biting D-7204 to death. Testing the mucus coming from the ceiling that Costco exited through shows that 93% of Costco's DNA was inside the mucus. Costco then was tested again by Dr. CLEF , leading to the subject, D-8499 with 3rd degree burns and a broken spine. Costco was then presented with SR MahKo. Costco however, did not attack MahKo. Costco seemed to grab his attention by saying "Hey, can you help me with this test?" and MahKo replied "Sure, I'm coming!" Further notes by Dr. CLEF : Costcotron1924 is dangerous to class d personnel if he isn't doing a test. I would like to request an SCP classification on Costco and his number will be SCP-5001, Object Class Safe/Potential Euclid. INTERVIEW LOG #42. DATE: 2/5/20 INTERVIEWER: Dr.CLEF INTERVIEWEE: SR Costcotron1924 (Sometimes goes by SCP-5001) Dr.CLEF: So, SR Costcotron1924 is it? Why did you attack those class d and spare SR MohKo? SR Costcotron1924: I don't like class d personnel, I only let them slide when its a test. Dr.CLEF: Hm, well then. I'll get back to this when we log you as an SCP. SR Costcotron1924: *Happy noises* END INTERVIEW LOG..... Currently, SR Costcotron1924 is to be considered as an SCP. He is to be considered a top priority target if CI were to kidnap him. Costco has also been seen to be doing dangerous work that could kill him. However, studies have shown that Costco is immortal, like Dr. Bright. He is also shown to be very shy at times. Costco seems to enjoy working with higher ups and helping lower ranks with their tests. Known Quotes of Costcotron1924: "Hey, wheres your escort?!?" "*Sinister Laughing* "*Happy Noises*" "Hey Dr. CLEF you need help? *Laughing noises*" "*Angry noises*" "*096 screaming* IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!" "Can I have a cookie?" END OF PROFILE DO YOU WISH TO CLOSE PROFILE? YES NO CLOSING FILE....... 100% WOULD YOU LIKE TO OPEN ANOTHER FILE? YES NO USER: Dr.CLEF LOGGING OFF....... HAVE A NICE DAY.....
  5. Lore Name: Costcotron1924 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:461424346 Rank: Senior Researcher Activity Level: 7/10
  6. Rank: Associate Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security LCPL Gunner 1C44 Level D personnel involved: Munke_mor SCP: 1162 Errors and/or safety hazards: Subject might have lost a weapon or an object that can be used as a weapon and harm personnel in the area. SCP 1162 could be destroyed or moved somewhere else. This could stop 1162 tests unless found again. Question: What does the subject feel when reaching inside the hole? What have they lost? Does the item appear in their hands? Can they move their arm around in 1162? Background Research: SCP 1162 is a hole located in a wall at Site 31 that when interacted with, will have a random item drawn from it. However, a random object on the user, (being their clothing, weapons, badge, etc.) will disappear and will not be seen unless used again. 1162 is used only to keep it at its current location. D Class should be monitored when using 1162, in case they grab a small weapon. After a site wide breach, 1162 must be monitored so it doesn't move, (due to a Class D that might have interacted with 1162). Maintenance on the wall is near to impossible due to the nature of 1162 (being destroyed by movement of wall or being looked at from behind.) so the wall that 1162 is housed on is in a state of disrepair. Hypothesis: Maybe he can move his arm inside the hole, feeling inside the wall. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): Analysis and Conclusion: Subject pulled out a P90 but was cooperative and gave it to the guard. An axe and an LMG (an M249) was also found. D class that use this should be monitored carefully in case they grab a hold of weapons or knifes. Subject also pulled out ash and blood. (DNA testing is going on currently for the blood sample.)
  7. Rank: Associate Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security FTO SFC Cloaker, Level D personnel involved: Chaos worshiper SCP: 012 Errors and/or safety hazards: Subject might die with this test. Subject might grab sheet of music, throwing it outside containment. Leading to the area around 012's containment being dangerous. Question: If blind folded, can the Subject survive 012's affects. Background Research: 012 is a music sheet that will have affects on the human brain. Leading to that person using their own blood to finish the music sheet. The music composition is based off of "On Mount Golgotha" written in ███. Trying to play this music sheet will result in a disagreeable rhythm, no matter how experienced the composer or musicians are. Hypothesis: if you can't see the Composition, (without any Cognitohazard protection) you won't be able to put any more notes on the composition. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: Subject was blind folded, and was asked to walk forward to the music sheet. Subject was seen to feel his wrist and plunged his fingernails into it, he proceeded to do this 3 times before he was bleeding. Subject went on for 1 minute writing 2 lines before falling to the ground mid way through the 3rd line. Subject was deemed dead 5 minutes after test concluded. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: My hypothesis was very wrong. i thought that the subject would have at least been able to pull himself away from the music sheet.
  8. Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: MTF NU-7 RCT Dan Level D personnel involved: Grug SCP: 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A Question: Can 999 control a person by putting its body on a persons head? Background Research: What does 999 react to? Hypothesis: It will most likey make the person uncomfortable. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: 999 failed to control a person. Though the Class D enjoyed 999s company. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: The Class D didn't feel anything unconformable when 999 was put on his head.
  9. Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security LCPL Ru Level D personnel involved: Rylo diSnek SCP: 914 Errors and/or safety hazards: Possible mutations of house hold objects Question: What happenes if you put normal house hold items in SCP-914 Background Research: What to put in and what not to put in 914. Hypothesis: Will the objects become anomalous after the "refining" stage in 914 Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: Barstool set on 1:1, and got a pokey chair. TV set on Fine, and got a Computer, (tests are ongoing to see if the computer is anomalous.) put a Stopsign in on Coarse, got a decayed wood sign. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No, when some objects go through SCP-914, their physical properties can change, such as a barstool into an uncoumfy chair. We have not tested on Very Fine, due to a scenario if the object comes to life and causes havoc around the facility.
  10. Name: Costcotron1924 Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 Date of Incident: 12-17-19 Describe the incident: 999 starts to melt after testing, SCP-912 drinks 999 after i tell him not to List classes of SCP(s) involved: Safe Immediate complications due to the incident: SCP-912 gets a stomach ache Long-term complications due to the incident (if applicable): Type of response towards incident (MTF/NTF/Security/ETC): MTF/NTF/Security did not respond after taking 912 to Medbay Resolution towards incident: Waiting for 912 to either vomit 999 back up or through natural causes. How dangerous was the entirety of the situation?: SCP-999 will hopefully reform inside of 912, crawling up and out of him. Extra Information: N/A
  11. Rank: Junior researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security LCPL Silveer Level D personnel involved: Poopie SCP: 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: None Question: If 999s jelly like substance can be used as medical filler. Background Research: what 999 does and reacts to. Hypothesis: The jelly like substance of 999 could fall out and not be used as medical assets. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): N/A Analysis and Conclusion: 999 turns red after contact with blood, bullet wound was healed successfully. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: My results were as stated, 999 should be allowed access to the medical bay if guard/mtf personnel gets wounded in a gun fight