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  1. but i saw you with a physgun out physgunning him after i cuffed you
  2. Your In-game: Costcotron1942 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:461424346 The admin's name in-game: Mike The admin's steam name (If you know it): Mike What did the admin do: Abuse of power off duty with a cuffed personnel Evidence of the abusive action(s) (REQUIRED): What do you believe should happen to the admin: Because hes a trial mod, a demotion at the most. Any extra information: Mike was abusing his physgun on a cuffed engineer as seen on this photo, and when we cuffed him, he said failrp even though he was using his physgun and then used the /uncuff command to uncuff himself and then proceeded to tie him to the floor, and use his physgun to release him to his death.
  3. What you want to see? - SF spawn being changed from PK room to A1 Command office Why should we add it? - (from self experience) So you don't pop up randomly during an interrogation from ITM specs or CI if they used that room. What are the advantages of having this? - So you don't just RP appear inside a room that is used to interrogate people and start blasting. Who is it mainly for? - A1 SF players Links to any content - N/A
  4. +support +has been in A1 before +a pog person -why u bully me
  5. yeah, if you were ever a supervisor you should ALWAYS follow COC
  6. thought arium was leaving for a second, but still we shall miss yall
  7. So, when i logged on today, the only weapon that was currently broken was the CSGO desert eagle, i dont know if its client side but it had broke when i logged into gmod.
  8. +/- support +new scp for research to test on -easly abusable by certain people who are known to minge
  9. Btw what is the fas2_ifak? And nova is a meh for me but that's my opinion I'll miss the M3 benelli +support
  10. appart from spamming to cap 2 guys by accident ima go with a massive +support for me and the reds