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  1. Name:Teno Rank & Callsign:MSGT XM6 Discord:Teno2001#0851 or CI MSGT Teno XM6 Divisions: Military and Sawbones Activity: SEMi Active Suggestions:Improved Classe balance.
  2. Name: Teno Rank: SGT Callsign:XZ20 Activity: Every Monday ,Wednesday,Friday for 2hours suggestions: Why should you retain your rank: N/A
  3. Name:Teno Rank:PFC  Callsign:XZ20 Activity: 1 hour a day on week days , 4 hours on Weekends.  DiscordID#:Teno2001#0851 Suggestions (If None Leave Blank): What would you like to achieve in CI:Become a Sawbone or just Raid for fun.