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  1. Probably because suggesting changes to the Negev and G3 would put you against the entire community of donators who have put 100+ dollars into the server. There's no point in suggestions since you will get spammed with -support by donators trying to keep their powerful advantages.
  2. I'm a pretty recent player but I noticed the weapon balance is out of order. The majority of weapons do 1-35 damage but most people have 200+ armor or hp. This just turns most fire fights into crouch jumping spam with your weapon of choice. PVP is pretty much whoever has the most hp/armor and fire-rate on their peashooter guns. It's not really fun or engaging at all.
  3. +Support I think a good idea is to make civilian white-list only for Class D's that escape to the surface. It would give D Class another option besides becoming a CI member. Also, it would let people to do passive role-play on the surface and allow many role-play opportunities for the CI, MTF, and other civilians.
  4. The whole point of donating is someone supporting the server financially because they enjoy it and not because you get an extremely unfair advantage over non-donators.
  5. The whole concept of custom classes is pay2win.
  6. +Support The hammer destroys the majority of security since they die in 1-2 swings. The fact that it can kill custom classes which costs more than the hammer in a 1-3 swings is even worse. The item is blatantly P2W and is broken.
  7. What you want to see? - A permanent ammo box in MTF/CI/Security spawn for them to resupply their weapons without wasting money. Why should we add it? - It makes no sense in role play to see ammo (in the shape of an AK-47) spawned out of clear air along with the fact that MTF/CI/Security have to buy their own ammo. You would think the well-funded SCP foundation would be able to provide ammunition for their MTF/security units with all the high tech they have. The same logic applies to the CI as well. How can anyone take them seriously if they can't provide their own ammo and have to rely on their soldiers to buy it on their own. What are the advantages of having this? - It would help decrease time spent in spawn and is less confusing for new players to figure out where to get ammo. Also, it just makes sense to have a free resupply option only in spawn while the F4 menu can be for convenience as you can spawn ammo anywhere but you have to pay. Who is it mainly for? - MTF/CI/Security Links to any content -
  8. Name: Johnny Pham Rank: MSGT FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): N/A Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: None
  9. +support Riot control has high damage weapons but they have a slow fire rate and capacity. This makes them a very bad choice for a job meant to be the crowd control for huge riots. Maybe a different shotgun since the sawed off isn't really good for crowd control against Class D that can swarm you with melee weapons very fast.
  10. +Support Medics already have to do a lengthy role-play session to heal people and having them pay a majority of their salary just to do their job is ridiculous.
  11. What you want to see? - A better version of the swep used by SCP-096. Why should we add it? - It will help people playing SCP-096 by making it easier for both the player and other people. It will hopefully decrease any confusion/FailRP on whether someone looked at 096's face or not. What are the advantages of having this? - It has actual face recognition and highlights the person who looked at 096's face through walls. It also adds in a movement speed penalty for the person using the swep when 096 is not enraged. So there's no need to alt walk now. This will make it easier to play SCP-096 as you now know who looked at your face instead of trying to guess who did and did not. The addon also has an audio indicator for the victim so they can know they looked at 096's face. Who is it mainly for? - SCP-096 Links to any content -
  12. +/- Medics will need a way to restore armor now since the armory NPC can only restore up to 100 Armor Points. Which is most people choose to reset to get back their 100+ armor over buying it.
  13. Name: Johnny Pham Rank: MSGT/Master Sergeant FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): N/A Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): N/A Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A