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  1. So I will me resigning from the USMC because I won't have much time to get on because off IRL stuff and it's not very fun to play anymore even with the new updates. So cya around and hope you enjoy the server and your stay ~ USMC Marsoc 2LT SGTMP Duke/Lewas
  2. Good to have you Back, Sir
  3. Name: Lewas Rank: SGT (I got promoted by Warwinner, I'm pretty sure) Roster Status (Link): Weekends Strikes: 0
  4. Name: Lewas/Duke Rank: 2nd LT Activity: Mostly Weekends
  5. Lewas 2nd LT It's legit either middle of night or I'm in school
  6. Name: Duke Rank: SMSGT Activity: Weekends Concerns: None
  7. Name(No Rank):Lewas All Ranks:USMC 2LT, USMP CPL Join Date:June, 2016 Desired Status: DNT (On weekends when this ois over) Why should you keep your rank: I should keep my rank because I have earned (once again) my rank after have been demoted many times and still keep working on what I can inprove on. I know my activity isn't the best but I'm working on getting more on. That's what I gotta say.
  8. Name: Lewas Rank/Paygrade: 2nd Lieutenant/O-1 Activity: Weekends Combat Regiment: Marsoc
  9. Name: RUAF MSGT Duke Rank: MSGT Activity: Mostly weekends but comes on every now and then Any Concerns: Got no concerns
  10. Name: USMC Marsoc 2LT RCTMP Lewas Rank: 2LT Reason (and it better be good): LOA