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  1. + SUPPORT - Evidence is clear - also i was there to support this i am a witness he did use /uncuff for abusive purposes and threw a engineer COMMAND into acid
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18XDE7B03QEMvZq66AM53A7QOoOJwimJ5_dnPPITYkfA/edit#heading=h.dp1cpmrwl2h2
  3. so the first one was actually me going into d block because a OFC was shooting at me from d block 2 i did not know hands up was disabled 3 and 4 no comment
  4. Steam Name: theswaggindragin Ingame Name: Gubby/ Ignoredcarpet SteamID: STEAM_0:1:491903989 Job Blacklisted From: Dr Bright Reason for the Job Blacklist: Minging and rdming security Dispute:I don't have a dispute other than i accidently killed people who i thought shot me But the reason i wrote this was i want to be forgiven for what i did i know it was wrong and i really want to be able to play bright again i have tried to actually take research seriously and i am a associate researcher currently and i am trying to right the wrongs i made in the past so with this i am just asking for forgiveness and a chance to play the class again Sorry to - [GL] RookieBlue and [GL] Skies
  5. - SUPPORT No No no and NO - You threw a damn grenade in my training session - your not a little mingy you cuff CMD and hang them and blame it on others - Repeatedly broke TS blacklist / Came into A1 TS comms after being blacklisted as well
  6. Dragin


    The Great minge of security (Gubby) is leaving ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ shit happens
  7. Lore Name: Dragin Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:491903989 Rank: AR Activity Level:10/10
  8. Name:Gubby Rank:MSGT FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): JFTO Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: nope
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Vk9qP17wGpKaqAWPC4eOV8b0Nk73fdE3kFFSuJZ99wI/edit#
  10. Posted March 24 Name: Dragin Rank: JR Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing:Dragin , 3 Nu7, 3 D class, Amount of D class involved: 3 SCP: 173 Errors and/or safety hazards: 173 may lash out as previously in incident 173 #5 Question: Today i ask does 173 have a IQ and or intelligent in anyway Background Research: 173 has demonstrated in multiple CB's that it has a IQ and can outsmart us but there has also been cases such as Incident 173 #5 where 173 proposed it was mindless and ruthless snapping the neck by tearing the hair off someone. Hypothesis: i believe that 173 will be intelligent in some way i don't mean he knows how to scale a wall but i mean how to problem solve and skills like that. Observation: (Foundation comms) I need three MTF to report to Research bunks for a test on 173. ( MTF Dispatcher) Ha after that F*ckin mess with in Incident 173 #5 good luck. (The Nu7) Hello JR Dragin are we ready to get rollin on this test. (me) Yes of course but we will need the d class so let's go.(Nu7) come on buddy your time has come. (d class-1) God no i heard what happened with the last guy i ain't going. (Nu7 grabs the d class slamming him on the ground and cuffing him). (nu7) I ain't here to play my little pony you ARE coming whether you like it or not. (dclass-2,3) Both struggle but fail. (door to 173 opens). (MTF) blinking!. (Dragin shoves d units into magnetically levitated chamber).(MTF) BLINKING!. (door closes to 173). Dragin blinks on purpose being the only person looking 173 moves.(173 is positioned on the southwest area of the Chamber). (Dragin blinks again). ( sztt szzzt EEEEEEEER..BOOM BOOM BOOM). (dragin) Holy F*ckin Sh*t. ( the Electromagnetic device is Destroyed beyond repair and the chamber is dented massively.(Dragin) MTF move in the cube is almost penetrated.(Gasps and snaps are heard).(Dragin radios for help). (Static). ( PA) MTF E-11 designated Nine Tailed Fox has entered the facility all remaining personnel are advised to stay in a evacuation shelter or another safe area until the unit has secured the facility.(Radio) This the CPT of Nu-7 CI are all over the place 173 has- POW POW.(CI are heard outside the researchers door) Open up we know you're in there! (Dragin looks at his pistol).( E-11 and Nu-7) Get on your knees C- (shots are fired at each other). (Dragin opens the door) and Yeets one of the CI). E-11 have dispatched all other CI.( E-11) You are coming with us.(Nuke Alarm sounds).(Radio) MTF-1 , Where are they all coming from.MTF-2 There everywhere. MTF-3 AAAH SNAP*. MTF-4 multiple instances of 17-SNAP*. [Redacted is heard speaking] In this time of need the SCP Foundation is declaring a XK-class end of the world scenario all staff follow the instructions and get the Hell out of the foundation. Visual Stimuli: (Photos/ Videos) N/A Conclusion:173 was smarter than we predicted and clearly should have been dealt with a more serious force and now Day Breaks the light has been shattered and 173 instances of scp 173 have been reported the damn world is in chaos first to fall was the U.S when it went under a National Evacuation they were hoping the F*ckers couldn't swim ha they destroyed china within the next month after XK-Class was declared. Do your results align with your hypothesis?:It was right except 173 was abnormally smart. questions aroused that CI had something to do with the mass CB of 173 But we sha---- Writer has been killed from this point on i did actually do this test but i added a story to it cause there was a incident close to this test so i wrote a full on story hope it is good
  11. Lore Name: incident 173 #5 Rank: Junior Researcher SCP: 173 Question / Idea: How would 173 snap someone's neck if we place a door the fit the body to where the body is on two different sides. Background Research:173 has a record of snapping necks on the base of the skull and strangulation so what if we block it from doing both of those options Hypothesis:173 will either leave the d unit alone or it will use a new method of killing by pummeling the d unit to death. Observations (What Happened During Test): 173 appeared to have been curious on how to kill the d class due to it taking extended periods of time for it to kill the d unit. then we hear the door rupture because of some extremely strong force. We headed back to discover the d class's neck snapped to where his neck was [Redacted] after apparent pull that was so hard it [Redacted his neck] [ FAIL SAFE CONTAINMENT BREACH MTF HAVE BEEN DISPATCHED TO 173'S CONTAINMENT CELL] Evidence/Visual Stimuli: (door opens to 173 containment chamber) (MTF> Blinking!) d unit is placed in the door.( MTF> blinking then proceed out of cell) all cameras and people near 173 look away... ( there is silence) we start to hear some uncontrollable screams of agony as the d class his heard screaming. ( There is a crunch and a snap we hear a splatter of what might be blood) Research and 2 MTF proceed to Camera Feed. ( ANNOUNCEMENT) SCP 173 has breached containment MTF to LCZ 173 HAS BROKEN OUT! ( the d class's head was pulled with such ferocity that the thyrohyoid muscle had completely snapped causing the d units head to break on one side and hang on the left side of the chamber door. Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results):due to the d units neck not fully being exposed it seems 173 grabbed the d units hear for grapple and pulled so hard that one side of the neck snapped and hung lifelessly on the left side of the containment door. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: addendum It appears that 173 did not pummel the d unit to death but pulled his head so hard causing the thyrohyoid muscle to snap and causing his head to hang.
  12. falcon 2 is garbo it has the worst accuracy ever i just want it cause others have some HOTSHOT titanfall weapons
  13. - support Questions since when does d class having guns ever been lore friendly their literally in a basic SUPER SUPER SUUUUPER max penitentiary they probably have to do checks 8x everyday like strip spread your nuts and ass on a daily basis and that's just a maximum penitentiary and the foundation i would assume doesn't want a d class having a automatic pistol in hand.
  14. What you want to see? - Me be able to have thhe falcon 2 on d class Why should we add it? - Because there's some guns that you can buy for d class i bought the faclon 2 and i cant use it like why can't i use it yet others can use more OP pistols What are the advantages of having this? - i can get my money's worth and not be practically enraged cause others bought some other pistol that's better and in every way Who is it mainly for? - D class Links to any content - N/A BRING THE FALCON 2 TO D CLASS! UwU
  15. YES starr will make the perfect one it's like what Obi wan Kenobi said He is the chosen one