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  1. Yeah I approve of that payment if you need any further proof I will be happy to provide
  2. Welp, another one bites the dust I guess. My time on FBI was really great and I had a lot of fun getting into the community and making new friends. Due to unfortunate circumstances I can not proceed with FBI. I hate to go but I cant control it. You guys keep doing what your doing though!!! This is FBI SAIC Ryan SAF4 signing off for one last time.
  3. AGOTI


  4. Honestly yeah I think Jeffern would make a great staff member, good luck!
  5. Oof Drake doing the not so gamer cheat cheat
  6. One of the first genuine friends that i had for a decent time and i remember their name was Melon he invited me to OG when I was pretty much starting off
  7. I'm sorry to say but yeah you need to mature more, you can always try again when you got your head in the game...literally
  8. Like posted above need more time and thought but hey the SMT are always full of surprises so good luck
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