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  1. Loading Files... Welcome Borealis Enter command... >Access Log-9834 Processing.....Granted! Logging out have a nice day!
  2. MMF needs 4 player slots not 3
  3. Name : Borealis Rank : AHOME SteamID (REQUIRED-Invalid if not given) : STEAM_0:1:104122521 Activity on a scale of 1-10 : 9 Anything which you'd like to note? : Philadelphia
  4. Man i've never really been good at goodbyes but im gonna miss you a lot, hope to see you back here once again.
  5. Dang don't get my hopes up like that
  6. The maintenance manager is not listed under foundation utility staff
  7. Denied You can reapply in one week.
  8. We're all gonna miss you corn, you and your amazing broom talks