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  1. Dang, I didn't expect you to leave... i mean i retired but you retiring i didn't see that coming lol, Well have fun masterson
  2. In-Game Name- Max Wayne Rank-LT Callsign-LT1 Why You like EMS- Its full of nice people What Could Make EMS Better- its fine
  3. Name: Max Wayne Rank:LT, LFR Hello, This 48 hour notice apply's for both EMS, FR. I have had a great time While in EMS and i have meet some of the best people i could meet, but unfortunately all good things come to an end, and i have changed my focus and interests, and i also feel like i am losing the activity that i once had i am sorry to everyone for leaving, i hope this dept. grows into something amazing- Love y'all (Also I don't know if reserves are a thing anymore but if it is i request to be put on reserves) This is a real App dm me on discord if you have questions BUT THIS ISNT A PRANK.
  4. Hey Guys, This is my 48 hour notice this is not due to anyone in SS but its not what i expected going in and i can't really manage other dept's at the same time sorry guys. Luv you all Name: Max Wayne Rank: SS PO
  5. Name. Max Wayne Rank Fbi SNR SA
  6. (Poll "Should I become an LT?") YES NO  In-Game Name: Max Wayne SteamID (If not available put N/A): 76561198798604707 Rank You are Applying For: LT Current Rank: LPARA How long have you been in your current rank?: A week or 2 now How long have you been in EMS?: would be around 5 or 6 weeks unsure though What timezone are you in?: CS How many Warns do you have? (Show Proof): Why should you be promoted (150 words minimum): I should be promoted because i am hard working and dedicated to my work here in ems. I am a person who won't give up and would do anything to make sure everyone is fine and if not than help them become better. I should also be promoted because i could help in deciding what may be good or not in the dept by inputting my ideas. I should also be promoted because i am always active and always interacting with others in EMS. Being LT would not only benefit EMS But it could help Advance it with ideas and things that seem fit and great for the rp environment. Some things I could bring are Ideas, Rp ideas, Help make rp inside the hospital realistic and very organized, i can help Members Fast and efficiently, and last of all i can help create new sub-divisions for EMS. This department is great and is already top notch but with me in the command force i can help improve Ems Even more Do you agree that Command can remove you, or punish you any way they see fit for any negative actions?: Yes Do you agree that you will attempt to stay active and help in any way?: Yes Do you agree to be professional and mature?: Of course, Yes Again, that is the format you must follow. You must know the SOP and how to do things properly and efficiently. If accepted, Command will test you to see if you are fit for the position. If they believe you are not, they can deny you for valid reasons only.
  7. Hello, today I have decided that I can't manage school and playing gmod and I have decided that I am resigning from my rank in FBI I Have had a great time but I just don't have the time I am sorry for any inconvenience I love ya'll
  8. Name: Max Wayne Rank: FR How Active Do You Think You Are (Be Honest): 10/10 Im normally on Why Do You Want To Stay In FR?: Well FR is really fun and I am enjoying it What Could Change In FR?: Adding cars