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  1. Lore Name: banana Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:65726194 Rank: Associate researcher Activity Level: 6-7/10 (Medium)
  3. Please fill out this rollcall, if you are on LOA your excused. Name: Nakkian Rank: RCT Callsign: N/A Activity: semi-active Suggestions: "After-Hour" raids/skirmishes: After-Hour Raid Definition: An "After-Hour" raid is when command is least active, usually after 6 or 7 ish sometimes later. Lower level CI Definition: Donator's Class, Recruit, Private, PVT First class, and Lance Corporal. An After-Hour Raid/skirmish would be conducted by lower level CI units. Why?? Firstly it would provide a more experience to all the RCT and other lower ranks. Second it would provide more learning opportunities for all lower CI, the best time for a CI to learn is by their mistakes and what better time than when the server is not as active, an easier experience for all new recruits. Third and finally it would give Lower ranks more to do rather than wait for another R&D or higher command when they arn't going to be on. Why should you retain your rank (LT+ answer this):