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  1. The map lay out is easy to remember once you spend some time on it. An easy solution to this would get Gensec to do patrols with their lower enlisted, to help them learn the map a little faster. No need for any props that will add extra lag and gensec gets an excuse to get some steps in
  2. Some of the funniest events we had you realize these Gates. Would be great to have some form of portals back
  3. Coming from the guy who killed 682 with a melee weapon. the swep needs to be fixed
  4. I dont under stand what you mean by Engineers will build the???? CI and GOI would constantly be at each other's throats over the raid timer. This would be made worse do to their close proximity to each other. CI and E11 already had this problem with the old old very old Charlie 5 (the one before the thumper) and that caused a lot of bad feelings between the two branches, having these to branches next door to each other and having them fight over raid time and over who controls the town would be toxic shit. (E11 would probably have a good laugh from on top of the Mountain though) Another problem would be the foundation research it's bad enough having CI raiding and causing defcon 2s all the time and stealing the few SCPs that are online. Doubling this factor would do greater harm to the branch. The only way this could work at all would be to turn CI into the GOI and removing CI Which could be fun.
  5. Also it counts as a spawn and people can't go into another's spawn.
  6. I wouldn't allow them to break LCz doors because it's bad enough when two scps get down there. But I'm ok with them going to surface, would give E11 and CI something to do other than fight over Mountain and compare reverse Uno cards.
  7. This is covered by general rule 6. No camping an opposition spawn. MTF can only be around an scp spawn for 3 things testing, preventing breech by mean of filling breech request or to protect a tech while they repair the damged CC.
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