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  1. Should also get the site's wifi password, just saying.
  2. Well its been fun kidnapping janitorial and making them clean random stuff up or making from run a bar or having them fight in the gladiatorial ring and of course my personal favorite the blind dates. O yes we had fun but i'm afraid all great things have to come to an end and by that I mean Janitorial not me. I'm of course internal I shall live on for ever from on top of DNB mountain where i may grant my blessing to pilgrims that make the dangerous travel powers of unfortified shenanigans. In case you a bit slow on the pick up *cough enuz* I'm keeping up with the trend on the server and retiring due to my new job requiring me to fly to the work camp and working 3 weeks straight before flying home for 3 weeks than doing it all over again, on top of the angry duck that want me blood dead for no reason. Ok maybe their is a reason or maybe that a story for another time? Now don't panic I'll still find time to bully you guys once I get back,. Now for the big list that makes people left out because there not on it! Thanks Gibson for always being by my side, no matter the hour. Alex or what ever the hell your calling your self now, your a dam good leader who know how to get people inspired but plz just pick a bloody name! Just one that all we ask. Giovanni No clue who this guy is just thought I would put him on here to make the other PFC's bad because their not on the list, but also a long time friend. Squirrlez really no clue just making them PFC feel worse. ( And don't think i'm done, I'll smite you let) Dang RND has found Good and competent Hand and maybe the first RND HOR that not fucked up we ever had? Rookieblue you jumped me in rank and went straight for 05 so your dead to me. (You a dam good cop -Harley quinn) Thank JackDaniels you stood me for me when i couldn't stand up for my self. Orange you keep the roster going when me and Alex couldn't. Booble you may be unfit for command but you bet I'll push you for COL! Coltable I still dont know what you do? Bionicle I want one mommy plz. Propane more like pro-Lame also A great teacher if you get a chance to learn from this man take it! Bazooka you're going far. Silver as a going away gift I'm leaving you with a strike. Zeeptin I'll buy Gaminglight for a dollar fifty and let you ban silver again And to my wifefu who ever the hell that is? Now I'm only leaving CI no the server its self so when I get back to "take care" of that bloody duck, I'll be back no simping while i'm gone
  3. Does the defender sit in the blue half circle?
  4. +support I'm for only allowing one, it just keeps getting out of control, for example V
  5. what are you suggesting? - LCZ edit How would this change better the server? - Map Balance Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - . I've checked out the other map edit suggestions and compiled them with a few changes what I thought would make LCZ more interesting 1) Moved the Medbay from the north side to the south side below 457 CC. 2) Moved the Item SCP Room where the medbay used to be 3) Added a large empty SCP test room 4) Elevator options ( keep it attached to medbay or detach it pick one) LCZ as is right now has one main hall way that goes to HCZ this has the effect of forcing everyone to go the same way if you want to leave LCZ, by moving Medbay and the Elevator below 457 CC's this give D-class an immediate choice of which path to take apon escaping D-Block, Also splits foot traffic adding life to the rest of LCZ. Now the Elevator I was thinking of detaching it from Medbay so medlic dont have D-class running in killing everyone trying to get to HCZ or CI passing though because its the fastest route to LCZ and killing every one while their passing through. Detaching it would also benefit MTF and CI dude to the Elevator route no longer being cut off by a medbay lock down. Now this would mean LCZ would lose the ability to lock down one of two ways out of LCZ so i would understand people not wanting to lose that ( Hint Option 2 ) Next if the SCP Item rooms, now moving this is to give utility back their spawn and replace the foot traffic that would be lost by move medbay. Large Test room because sometimes you just want to build a massive test or a big room to cry in. One big thing I didn't touch is Gensec spawn it needs to be move somewhere that's a lower traffic area so Gensec don't get thrown in combat the sec they walk out the door but their needs to be a hallway that bypass's it so D-class won't choices in path isn't effect to heavy. Who would this change mostly benefit? - Every one (Mostly Medical) Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - Yes
  6. Rabbit

    Squash's LOA

    When are you coming back? need a date
  7. Rabbit


    Denied Can't go on LOA as a RCT
  8. Really Good, will kidnap Bright again
  9. +Support. Even asked if you to cover for him. He knew what he was doing was breaking the rules.
  10. -support I don't see where this would connect to the current layout. Make another map that shows the whole map/lay out Now im 100% down for a bigger LCZ
  11. +Support Get rid of them all see how it works out than add new ones as needed
  12. what about the rest of the rule? 1) Non-Combatant Branches (Research and Utility) will not longer be able to call out / interfere with a Chaos Insurgency raid. This includes calling one out, shooting them, or in any way interfering with the raid. (Subnote: This does not include Mobile Mop Force or Advanced Combat Medic. HLPR Bot's and R.I.G's will count as Non-Combatant however.) 2) Chaos Insurgency will no longer be able to shoot / interfere with Non-Combatants and their RP. This includes ALL Chaos Insurgency classes (Shades included!) besides the Spy classes (Maynard and Sleuth). Personally if you valued your life you would run away from the scary guys with guns, not standing around waiting to closing doors in their face or attacking them. I do think adding this to the MOTD would help flush out the problems we're having with the rule but it you have to hold both sides accountable. If Non-combatants are running around with guns their going to get shot. If Non-combatants are getting in the way their going to get shot. If Non-combatants are going to try and close doors in CI face their going to get shot. If Non-combatants are going to call out CI their going to get shot. If Non-combatants are follow CI their going to get shot. What a Non-combatants does any of these it should be considered FailRP. Other wise this rule is just one sided! The only way for this rule to be effective is to add it to the MOTD but this has to be done with great caution due to this rule bring able to ruin CI ability to raid.
  13. Rabbit


    This is a shitty joke, so I'm demoting and removing you from mil