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  1. To clarify RND does not save D-class or partake in uncivilized acts like Raiding. Do you still wish to continue with the application process?
  2. I Self Identify as a Turtle. Accepted Please contact an FTO Me via discord or teamspeak
  3. General from China Poor guys going to spend the rest of his life thinking he's a traitor
  4. makes me laugh when they say "Let's see if we cant hit 128 players" +Support most of the lag comes from G mod being old as hell Although there are things we can do to reduce caused by number of players on the server like making the meeting a team speak only thing and discouraged players getting on just for them Removing props for Offices in easy, as well in CI old command base
  5. This map would Kill CI and Medical have HCZ so far way from the Entrance zone would let MTF slowly grind CI down. and It would take MTF forever to find CI because of the size of the surface+Distance between everything The medbay is so far away from everything, we're having trouble getting people to go to medbay as it is now it's going to be a mile away now let's talk about D-black Currently, the elevator acts as an NLR timer for D-class and keeps them from overwhelming Gensec too quickly without it Gensec would have to call Full lockdown every 10 mins or so I do want a map change but it has to be the right map
  6. Some lore behind it would be nice It's almost like your our sugar daddy
  7. I think research needs something special that provides a unique experience like how CI has Maynard But it won't be Dr. bight seeing how he's a donator class
  8. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11noFV0SAhm-Yx-04uEVPvB48bh4GdB6BcPPemJXmB5A/edit?usp=sharing
  9. -support No one plays 457 as is, adding this will be a solid nerf to 457 because it's already so easy to re-contain him also its straight-up stealing MTF and Gen-sec job why join either when you can re-contain SCP's as research
  10. -support I like it but whatt happens when every one start using this SCP instead of D-class
  11. What you want to see? - Remove the Safe Room status from the researcher's bunks/spawn and Janitorial/technical bunk/spawn and add an additional safe room in LCC And adding a rule "once you leave bunks/spawn you may not return" and Allow Gen Sec to leave D-block to escort foundation person to safe rooms in LCC In the attached pic I outline in red two spots (that are not being used) for an Additional safe room because of of the current safe room is a bit far from the utility bunk/spawn Why should we add it? - Solves the problem of people from using bunks as a way to escape from RP situations Gives gen sec something more to during a DEFCON 2 and helps with their RP because it is their job to make sure that foundation staff are safe What are the advantages of having this? - Add another layer of RP and removes the problem of people abusing the rule "no one can enter banks/spawn" Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - No content just a pic out liner two additional spots for an additional safe room