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  1. (Also Researcher killed you because you ran at him/her with a weapon,So they felt threatened)
  2. +Support Minging on the staff job. Also I believe both deserve to be punished, Specially for minging in d-block,Making Staff look unprofessional, Not what a staff member should be doing.
  3. +Support +Model Looks Really Nice.
  4. Agreed with above But + Made Forums Account Long Ago Overall -Support
  5. +Support +Great Staff Application +No Warns -Not meeting the requirement Having 25+ Posts Overall Good Luck, (A note for you, There is not a 10,000 seconds jail , Past a 1000 seconds is a ban (Ask Admin+ to ban).)
  6. nah steamid is the same, I gave him the steamid (STEAM_0:1:15176927 (from report) , STEAM_0:1:151769287 (from image) )
  7. D-class Dispensary is not official, Even if somehow it got removed, d-class will be taken into some empty room like micro room till Self-breaching attempts happen
  8. I am confused, You wanna appeal a strike...?, Pretty sure strikes don't affect you as much but +Support you deserve a 2nd chance
  9. Add LOG 2-16 (some random number) Dr.████ :Hello? SCP-5000:Hello. Silence for 10 seconds Dr.████: *cough* SCP-5000:Goodbye. Dr.████: *coughs* Silence for 15 seconds Dr.████: *Loud cough* Nothing after that is heard, Dr.████ was found dead near SCP-5000
  10. -Support -Played Soundpad Music with mic (Watched it happen On Staff job) -RDM is still a RDM, You must Roleplay cut people ears not just go and stab them for No Reason.