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  1. Some SCP rooms in LCZ require level 3 like 012 and some others (I think there's others)
  2. They clearly play arsenal
  3. "Favorite minge" Ah yes a worth opponent Oh wait you're banned.......
  4. +Mass Support Happy has always been in Omi9 even back in A1 days he's great fit for high command Honestly he's like one of my favorite command member, possibly my favorite I hope to see him up in HCMD (I said A1, guess i'll die)
  5. +Support I heard the full story from Myth he was fine by max killing him The staff members who dealt with the sit did a +Support
  6. Name:WantedIdeas Rank:MSGT Current FTO Rank:SFTO Current RCF Rank:RCF Why should you retain your rank (Command ONLY | 150+ words): Insert funny message here Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: N/A
  7. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo but 516 Days......................
  8. No one ever puts me in their resignation so ima put myself Wantedideas - Minge Sad to see you go, we can play some CS GO Again!
  9. Denied Ok this is was used too much what about Accepted! Please give WantedIdeas More PT or else i will go insane (Jk JK), it's sad to see you go
  10. Denied Sorry you can't go In all seriousness, gonna miss you bud hope you ever come back again! F in the chat (D)-boys
  11. +Support +I could see this working for Security mostly as we can have something on forums that people +Support if that person deserves a promotion + I could see this working in times where no command are online because Timezones (i am talking about Peak Hours/Downtime hours where basically no one is online) - Only downside i see here is that we have no way of tracking that if they were doing a good job or not (Specially for those who are online during peak hours/downtime hours) Overall +Support Could see it working out
  12. +Support Sounds Really fun! ---------------------------------------- I still think it's gonna be abused so badly by people. But Overall +Support
  13. I accidentally did that Yesterday, it didn't just spam me with UI It legit lagged me out (Not frame drops, like connection lag) I check my internet nothing was wrong (Muted Audio on video so you don't hear me struggling to open candy) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMP9xZ_12R0