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  1. -Support -100 Damage is enough to 2 shot -It would destroy Gensec Really quickly leading to mass riots, Defcon 2 all day (meaning no research), Overall We would have lots of people getting killed and Probably quitting.
  2. Name:WantedIdeas Rank:2LT FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+):FTO Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words):Alright so, the reason i think i should keep my rank is that i will put lots of work as a security command member, i understand that i am currently inactive or on LOA and haven't done any of my job, this loa should be last time i am gonna be inactive for a while, i just happen to not be able to get on the server due to my pc, i haven't yet put any work as 2LT and i would like to get started on that sometime soon!, i also may be mingy but not to the point of break rules or going against SOP, also because of my timezone i believe i would be great help for command as i am online when most people aren't which gives people equal chances of being promoted or trained to become security! That's all from my point of view as command. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: None.
  3. (Also Researcher killed you because you ran at him/her with a weapon,So they felt threatened)
  4. +Support Minging on the staff job. Also I believe both deserve to be punished, Specially for minging in d-block,Making Staff look unprofessional, Not what a staff member should be doing.
  5. +Support +Model Looks Really Nice.
  6. Agreed with above But + Made Forums Account Long Ago Overall -Support
  7. +Support +Great Staff Application +No Warns -Not meeting the requirement Having 25+ Posts Overall Good Luck, (A note for you, There is not a 10,000 seconds jail , Past a 1000 seconds is a ban (Ask Admin+ to ban).)
  8. nah steamid is the same, I gave him the steamid (STEAM_0:1:15176927 (from report) , STEAM_0:1:151769287 (from image) )
  9. D-class Dispensary is not official, Even if somehow it got removed, d-class will be taken into some empty room like micro room till Self-breaching attempts happen
  10. I am confused, You wanna appeal a strike...?, Pretty sure strikes don't affect you as much but +Support you deserve a 2nd chance
  11. Add LOG 2-16 (some random number) Dr.████ :Hello? SCP-5000:Hello. Silence for 10 seconds Dr.████: *cough* SCP-5000:Goodbye. Dr.████: *coughs* Silence for 15 seconds Dr.████: *Loud cough* Nothing after that is heard, Dr.████ was found dead near SCP-5000