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  1. i joined the community not caring about what i was doing and to cause harm now i am different and i want to roleplay. all i ask is a second chance to redeem myself and cure my name of my actions
  2. Thank you for all the support. i never called any staff anything racist and i have been waiting this ban for almost 2 motnhs.
  3. Steam Name: rpslayer2 Ingame Name: lonekeybind SteamID: STEAM_0:1:512860142 Ban Length: permanent Admin that Banned you: joe mama Reason for Ban: Racism | Impersonating Staff | NITRP | Lying in a Staff Sit Dispute: this ban is not false. I appealing it because it was about a week ago and i was playing the server, i really did not care about the server or what was happening. I had just lost some close friends and i was taking my anger out on the server. i realize this now that i have had the opportunity to rethink my actions. I want to say I am sincerely sorry to joe mama and the players on the community for my actions. i just maybe want my banned to be taken away or lowered. i am very sorry for what i did, some people have told me that gaminglight is the place for second chances. i think i am ready to clean up my act and be a good roleplayer. i have also taken the time to read the motd.