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  1. Grade: 93% Lore: 20/20 Your lore is vary good and seem extremely spread out Creativity: 18/20 I have seen this test before but god is this idea creative Presentation: 18/20 Your test log document was well formatted and looks pretty good for a proper test. Writing: 37/40 I can't find any spelling mistakes and I would beg to say that I have a soft spot for 939 tests
  2. Grade: 68% Lore: 10/20 Not the most lore friendly test but not the worst lore test I have seen Creativity: 12/20 Pretty creative Presentation: 15/20 I would prefer if you messed with the format but this is average Writing: 30/40 No mistakes that I could see but I wish that you wrote more
  3. Grade: 64% Lore: 9/20 There seems to be no lore within this test. Creativity: 10/20 Not the most creative Presentation: 15/20 Play with the format more but if you don't want to do that, it is ok. Writing: 30/40 Some minor grammar/typing mistakes
  4. Grade: 99% Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 Well your lore is really good and I am happy with the work put into Log :3 Creativity: 19/20 I am going to give you a good grade as these tests are currently more rare. I enjoyed your question and I found it vary interesting and creative. Presentation: 20/20 Your presentation looks really good and it is pleasing to the eye Writing: 40/40 Your writing is really nice to read and I am happy to say that I find no errors in this log.
  5. Grade: standard Score: 70% Lore: 20/20 Putting SCP wiki as your background research is just lazy, I would prefer if you put a quote from the wiki related to your tests. Creativity: 14/20 I wish that your test was a bit more creative as this is a test that I have read many times before, its just worded differently. Presentation: 16/20 Wish you went and showed a bit extra in your test. This test looks more or less average, I want to see you be creative and show that your tests are the best! Writing: 30/40 I would prefer that you would read over your test for mistakes such as the error at witch you typed the number 1048 as 1,048. Other than that, your test was well written. Your test in general is a bit wordy though \__(*-*)__/
  6. I am happy to be apart of the golden age of the server -Dr Watkin/ Rem
  7. Lore Name: Dr Rem (Dr Watkin/Original) Steam ID: STEAM_0:88978682 Rank: RAM Activity Level: 8/10
  8. Score: 98% Grade: Quality Lore: 18/20 Lore seem well spread out, I just wish lore was more prevalent within the log Creativity: 20/20 This both had creative visuals and test was extremely creative. I would recommend doing tests such as this again as it interesting to read and I wouldn't have thought of this test idea my self. Presentation: 20/20 Some of the best looking tests I have ever seen. Writing: 40/40 Couldn't find any spelling mistakes
  9. OMG, I have never seen a format like this. I wish I could grade this test
  10. Grade: 77 Test Quality: Standard Lore: 15/20: I found that this followed the lore decently well but I would recommend looking a bit more into how 066 act as we don't actually think it has emotion Creativity: 20/20: This was creative and I am exited to see your next test. Presentation: 14/20: It was bit wordy but I did like your uses of visuals to assist in your test Writing: 28/40: Your writing was, again, just bit wordy and I found just a few grammatical errors
  11. Grade: 98 Test Quality: Quality Lore: 19/20: Lore was followed really well and I liked your background research Creativity: 20/20: Creativity is overflowing from your log, well done Presentation: 20/20: Your log goes above and beyond in making visuals and your vocab is great Writing: 39/40: I thought your log was one of the best I have read from a Jr so far
  12. In-game Name: Dr Watkin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:88978682 DiscordID: Original Name#0103 What division do you want to join (Military or R&D): R&D How would you rank your knowledge of the lore? 10/10 Why should you be in Chaos Insurgency? (75 word minimum) I think CI has my best interests at hand at this time. I also have time and ideas that I think could be valuable to R&D as a branch. My biggest reason I want to join CI is so I can understand the workings of CI so I can better understand you guys. I am here to make more problems for research so I will have to fix them later really. I think my biggest strength is negotiation and investigation. These skills will be able to help when redistributing SCPs to the foundation and interrogation. I like to consider myself a small scale conman of sorts! What is something that sets you apart from other applicants? I am one of the most active people in research currently and I think that will transfer perfectly into CI R&D. I also find that my knowledge of lore can be used to CI's advantage. I also want to piss of Clef the foundation :3 How active can you be? 3 hours to 11 hours a week if needed Do you have both Teamspeak and Discord: I hang out in CI channel way to much already.
  13. Grade: 90% Lore: 16/20 Just on my first read through, your background research is astounding. I wish that a few things within your background research section were in your own words but that is just a small nit pick. One thing I do want to point out is if you read the wiki a bit more, you would notice that SCP 131 will respond to any user, not just foundation personal. Creativity: 19/20 I think that the question was sub slandered but how you wrote this log makes up from what you lack in that aspect, well done. Presentation: 18/20 I really like how you wrote this in google doc and how you presented pictures. For anyone else reading this, you do not need to have just pictures of the test, foundation logos and other things such as that can be the difference in five marks within the category Writing: 37/40 I could not find any spelling errors and I found that how you wrote this test, made it engaging and fun to read Test Quality: Quality -Dr Watkin
  14. Grade: 78% Lore: 18/20 This test seems to follow lore pretty well from what I can see. I would like to see a bit of background research to prove that you were prepared for this test. Creativity: 19/20 I think that this test was extremely creative and proved that even Jrs can make good tests if they think hard enough Presentation: 17/20 I like how you showed a picture but I wish your test was more organised as it seems more like a list than an actual log Writing: 25/40 When we say to change the research format, it doesn't mean that you should give up on the format. I can not see any spelling errors but my biggest gripe is just how this is no where close to the format that we use in research. Test Quality: Standard