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  1. Grade: 92% Lore: 17/20 You followed lore pretty well and lore was used all through out the test Creativity: 19/20 I have seen many of these tests but I like how you have given details on how you doctored the photos Presentation: 20/20 You have shown that even if you don't have pictures of the actual event, you can make the format look good or even add other pictures (the foundation insignia) Writing: 36/40 I could not find any spelling errors and you were able to make your writing engaging, well done. Test Quality: Quality
  2. Grade: 46% Lore: 7/20 I wish that you put a bit more effort into your lore maybe describing what the book might look like or something Creativity: 10/20 I will be straight, this test though a bit creative, was not ethical and could have been done in a better fashion. Also, why couldn't the D class see how many pages there were without reading the book, I think they could have felt the pages instead of reading them. Presentation: 9/20 There is no added extra work to this log and would encourage you to try harder in making your test stand out. Writing: 20/40 I see a few grammatical errors and I wish that there was a bit more writing done Test Quality: Sub-Standard
  3. Grade: 87% Lore: 20/20 I am very happy that your background research was relevant to your test and I found that your use of lore through out your test was perfect. Creativity: 17/20 Though I have seen this test done before, I like that you have been expanding on it of a multitude of tests. I also like how you were specific in how you doctored your image Presentation: 15/20 I like how you sectioned off your information. I would prefer pictures but I understand due to the nature of the test. Writing: 35/40 Your writing had no errors and I enjoyed how your sentences were fluid. The amount that you wrote, though not the most I have ever seen, was very good. Test Quality: Quality
  4. Grade: 55% Lore: 17/20 pretty good lore wise, keep it up Creativity: 13/20 I wish that your question was a bit more focused and I find that your test is a bit too general. Presentation: 10/20 I wish that you were a bit more pictures or even improvisations to the format. Writing: 15/40 Though I can't see any spelling mistakes, there's not much writing to spell wrong Test Quality: Sub-Standard
  5. Grade: 35% Lore: 9/20 Your background research is not the best as there is not much writing but at least you put stuff relevant to the test under there Creativity: 7/20 For your creativity, the question are you depressed can be answered by looking at your background research Presentation: 4/20 I don't mark people down for not having pictures but in this case, there is nothing extra put into this test visually and there was no change to the format. I would recommend doing a bit extra to prove that you are better than just a regular test Writing: 15/40 Minimal writing but no spelling mistakes Test Quality: Sub-Standard
  6. Lore Name: Dr Watkin Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:88978682 Rank: Research Supervisor Activity Level: Active almost every day
  7. Grade: 25% Lore: 0/20 There was no mention of lore anywhere with in this test log. Also background research is not an option, you must do it. Creativity: 0/20 The question "will you die?" has already been answered both on the forms and wiki. Please come up with an idea that gives D boys a small chance of living. Presentation: 10/20 You did use the format but I found no extra effort put into this test. Writing: 15/40 Though I can not find any spelling errors there are less than 40 words to spell wrong. Test Quality: Sub-Standard
  8. Grade: 34% Lore: 4/20 I wish you put more thought into your test as even the wiki knows that 999 can not become aggressive toward anything. Creativity: 4/20 This test is one that is done often but even though it is done often, in this section I look to see if people have added little extra to make the test a bit more original but i can not find an original/different idea in this test log. Presentation: 6/20 due to there being no picture nor any sort of visual stimulus I will have to mark you down. I would recommend adding a bit extra to the format or improving how the layout of the test log to get a better grade Writing: 20/40 I was able to pick out a few spelling errors in here but nothing to big. The writing is sub par from what your peers are doing. please add a bit more detail or at least make the writing you put into the test more interesting/eye catching Test Quality: Sub-Standard
  9. I know but when there are so many redacted things, it begins to feel like a chore to look at all personal involved in the test. Also in rp, your name wouldn't be redacted, only the MTF units names would be redacted
  10. Grade: 83% Lore: 16/20 I liked how you followed the lore pretty well but under background research, I would like if you gave more information related to the test such as past experiences 912 could have had with these situations or even some swat tactics you think 912 could have used. Creativity: 20/20 I don't think I have seen a test like this and am very happy to see you adding variety to the research branch Presentation: 17/20 I think that you could have made the google doc a bit more appealing such as adding pictures or something but I am a sucker for that medical record you added close to the end, well done. Writing: 30/40 I found that I could not pick out any spelling errors within this doc and again loved the extra little medical record but some of the things that you put within the analysis/conclusion section, could have gone in a separate observations section Test Quality: Standard
  11. Grade: 95% Lore: 17/20 I wish your background research had actual words other than the like to the wiki but I could not find any mistakes in lore while reading this. I would like if you tell us a bit about your background research as it helps me know that you understand how you came up with your test idea and it shows that you are being precise in how you test Creativity: 20/20 Your test was quite original and I found it almost incredible how you were able to cross reference the sound. I find this very well done due to how I could see how this test was an attempt for a quality test and for that I would implore you to continue this amount of effort you have been putting into your work Presentation: 20/20 I can't say much more than the pictures were a great compliment to your eye catching writing style Writing: 38/40 I wish that your work was slightly less redacted as I don't think your name, nor your escorts name needs to be redacted. I found that your writing, from what I saw, had no mistakes and no spelling errors. Well done Test Quality: Quality
  12. Grade: 86% Lore: 5/20 Lore was well followed, the one problem is that you don't get to chose what 1162 take off a person, It takes something random and gives something from the users past that they have been looking for. Creativity: 15/20 A vary creative idea but I wish that the creativity was used for a more useful test. Presentation: 20/20 Done on google docs, vary well made and I loved the visuals. This is a good example of a document that uses pictures well and that not all pictures have to be from in game. Writing: 36/40 When reading this test, I would prefer a more professional attitude as, at least to me, it seemed that this test was more directed to getting your son a gift than documenting the properties of 1162. I am happy that there are no spelling/grammatical errors that I can see. Test Quality: Standard
  13. Grade: 80% Lore: 14/20 I wish that you read a bit more of the SCP Wiki as there are a few things that are a bit off. An example would be the question regarding the log, we know from the wiki that 1162 gives subjects back items that they have lost in the past. Please also use the wiki background research. Creativity: 7/20 This test has been both done on the wiki and many times on the forms. I would prefer a more original idea. Presentation: 20/20 I quite enjoyed how you laid out all your topics and pictures, well done Writing: 40/40 This was externally well written and I would implore you to continue writing like this. Test Quality: Standard