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  1. Welcome to retirement good friend, I hope that I can stay in touch with you after you leave. You were one of my really good friends and I think it’s important to remember that most people here are really good listeners if you ever need to talk (especially me )
  2. Good luck Glados, maybe I will be back by the time you return
  3. +Support Looks really good and how could I not +support this
  4. As a former O5 Researcher, I think this would be a good choice. (Tho I wish I could hang the O5 like I used to)
  5. Dr. Rem

    C’ ya nerds

    I legit was drunk, don’t drink anymore tho
  6. Dr. Rem

    C’ ya nerds

    God, if I am gonna be honest, I never thought I would be making a resignation so soon but hell, nice things can’t last forever. I have been a part of research for about a year now and it has been some of the best time I have had on this server. I met a lot of nice people, made friends posted many... 3 test logs. I want to extend my gratitude to all members of research command for there kindness and work ethic, you made me stay in research as long as I did. I am gonna end this off with some special mentions. Glados- I am jealous you passed me because I trained you but I wouldn’t have it any other way Soviet- you must teach me what anime is since I am gone Kuma- Better invite me to another Minecraft server Weiss- I will look up to you even when I am gonna because of your persistence Cancer- change your name to Watkin and become me. This is the only thing I have to say to you good friend Tomato- say that furry word and I will make sure I RDM you on a costume class Any other researchers I forgot that I like- bad memory, sorry bout that O5- I hope I can still participate in your crazy fun sometime if that’s ok? Kami- Continue the fun Rp without me, it was something that kept me on the server as long as it did Mike- Gonna make a great site admin Beanz- HLPR was a great idea btw, well done on that! Anyway, I expect foundation Dr reserves *coughs like hell* and I agree to the 48 hour rule Slurmp juice- Fix ya computer nerd I hope to come back soon but I don’t know when I will, Watkin is dead in to rp sooooooooooo... writing this made me cry a bit tbh and umm I need to fill this whole in my heart with reputation to smash that like button gamers. Also, change the name of research to N.e.r.d.s: Not every researcher deserves spizza day Edit: Camo is kinda hot Edit: Fool is kinda hot
  7. +Support but I think we should be more strict on the Defcon 3/2 rule if this is implemented
  8. I know right?
  9. Grade: 27% Lore: 5/20 Wish you did more for lore and I wish I could give you a higher grade Creativity: 10/20 Not the most creative test and wasn't done too creatively Presentation: 7/20 Normal format, nothing special yet you failed to do background research and you hypothesis is not correct Writing:10/40 Its hard to grade due to the lack of words