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  1. Its sad to see another friend go. I hope to see you happy in another branch Funny moment, Mike tricked me to reviving this post
  2. Ahhhhh, it is both a blessing and a curse to oversee this project
  3. I just hope when you come back, you are in a better position. I am gonna miss ya
  4. +support, RFA can do things other than events now
  5. Test Assigned For Grading (To Dr. Illager)
  6. Test Assigned For Grading (To Dr. Trevdec)
  7. Test Assigned For Grading (To Dr. Tomato)
  8. Test Assigned For Grading (To Dr. Lee)
  9. Test Assigned For Grading (To Dr. Trevdec)
  10. Test Assigned for Grading (To Dr. Lee)
  11. Grade: 98% Test Quality: Quality Lore: 20/20 Lore is on point Creativity: 20/20 I am both a sucker for 939 tests and I love AMN-C227 Presentation: 20/20 I like the change in format and I love the writing Writing: 38/40 I see one or two spelling errors yet I find your test interesting and fun to read. Grammatical errors are yet to be found by me
  12. Grade: 92% Test Quality: Quality Lore: 19/20 follows Lore pretty well yet I think there could be more lore added Creativity: 18/20 Test is pretty creative but could be better Presentation: 17/20 I like how pretty this test was and I can promise you, it looks really nice but I wish you messed around with the format. Writing: 38/40 No spelling errors I can see but I wish you wrote a bit more
  13. +Support I can't understand why people can't get over the past. +Active +Determined +Trustworthy