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  1. +Support -Active (I see him on everyday) -Nice guy -Took time on application
  2. Police RP I have 3 days of playtime, but I joined the server during July 2019.
  3. +Support -Very active in game(He’s online everyday) -Nice guy -Great leader -He has helped me with many things in the past -Active on forums and teamspeak
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  5. +Support -Respectful -Knows what he is doing for sure -Very active
  6. So... My name is Noah REmiX (in game). And i'm the type of person to use paint for a forums signature. I am a Corporal on PoliceRP and I play daily on the GamingLight PoliceRP server. I am only a Security SO on SCP-RP because I don't play on SCP-RP that much. My steam account was created in 2003. And I started playing on the GamingLight servers during July 2019. Since then I have played the PoliceRP or the SCP-RP.
  7. wow that... that was just a sad story.
  8. I found the tutorial on how to find it. And I had a admin tell me my steam ID thanks!
  9. Yes, that was very long. And a sad type of story. I also hope something like that never happens again. -Just to let you know I’m on my phone sorry about any spelling errors-
  10. Security is mainly good because you get to shoot a lot of people, but Bog is right about it that.
  11. I am currently applying for state trooper (PoliceRP) I would like to know how to find your steam ID its the last thing I need to do to finish my application.