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  1. Wonderful question, once again I would like to repeat that I have never and will never ask for anyone's private information and I believe Armyguy might have been mistaken on what asking for personal information entails. I'd also like to note that is roughly 2 1/2 years ago I was much younger and immature than I am currently. Let's be honest here, who at the age of 13 did not minge on a gmod server? I think it's safe to assume almost everyone has. But I digress. My answer to your question is as follows: Not only have I matured throughout the years I have also developed a respect for roleplay. Playing extremely serious roleplays such as CW:HL2RP and NS: 1942rp I understand how extremely frustrating it is to have a roleplay scenario completely trashed because a 12-year-old is breaking rp. I'd like to mention that at the time of this I was in an "internet gangster phase" as many people have had and I thought I was cool killing cops and causing havoc. So I would like to assure you that If I am unbanned I will never failrp/minge again. Thank you for your time, DasDixie
  2. For the record, 1. I never asked for any personal information so I believe you might have misread this and two, at the time I was 12 maybe thirteen what would be my motive for asking for personal information and what would I gain from it? Also, the admin who falsely perm banned me was removed for staff abuse. So I don't really understand where you're coming from, personally.
  3. Steam Name: DasDixie Ingame Name: (Honestly Don't remember I've been banned so long.) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:96279724 Ban Length: Permban Admin that Banned you: Not sure, It says I was been 5 times 2 of which were by null and 3 of which were "ARU Commissioner Valkyrie" Reason for Ban: 3 of the bans say "Asking for personal Information/Perm/Valkirye and the other two say "NULL" Dispute: To be completely honest I have not played on Gaminglight PoliceRP for so long because of this ban. I remember when I was trying to join a while back I saw I was perm banned for the reason "Asking for personal info" I have no recollection of ever doing that and I thought he or she might have banned the wrong person but I was too lazy to fill out an appeal. Recently I tried rejoining and it just gave me a Null Message. I believe this was a mistake. I've noticed that PoliceRP as a whole has died and gaminglight is the last popular policerp server. I'm not sure if this person is even an admin anymore but I believe this needs to be looked into a bit more. If Valkyrie is still an admin you should ask them. But to be honest it looks like a glitch to me. According to this screenshot (https://gyazo.com/2c6c7b93834fbf561ec871dea1a031ea) I was banned 5 times and I'm also a time traveler because two of the bans say I was banned on 12/31/1969. Might want to look into that. Thanks for your time and I hope you reverse this false ban. (Sorry for my rant) Here's the ban image.