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  1. -Support, are you crazy? That thing actualy has.... Proper Hit-Reg
  2. So.... all i see here is evidence that you deserve a warn? -Support
  3. Did this guy just increase his own salary, give himself better guns, AND GOT A SHOVEL!? +support.
  4. So... you guys have nothing tanky anymore? Honestly heavy's are the only thing that can withstand a few shots from the SCAR's or other simulair weapons, and even more juggernauts is just more Negev's. And... the Juggernauts are Donator classes? This seems like a bad idea to me ngl.
  5. Did this guy legit just raise his own salary? +support
  6. What you want to see? - The new 096 swep to be removed, and it to be replaced with the old one Why should we add it? - New one is more glitchy, the Face Recognition stuff we got it for barely works, yet the hit-reg is a billion times worse and it doesn't instakill, making it possible for MTF to near endlessly jump around you. What are the advantages of having this? - Less glitchy sweps Who is it mainly for? - 096 Players Links to any content - N/A
  7. +Support, because really, why not?
  8. -Support, D-Class CC's are already absurdly powerfull in D-Block.
  9. Falxen

    Buff the Negev

    Exactly! 1K is such a crappy low number of damage! Any half decent gun would deal atleast 5K/s
  10. Yea, but then E-11 isn't really off site anymore, they would have to be permenantly posted on site.