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  1. +Support, if it can be added to the list of the new map updates and is actually possible. I'd suggest making the vents teleports, rather then actual space that has to be walked through because then small SCP's could just hide in them.
  2. -Support, its fine as it is.
  3. -Support, scrable is not lore friendly, and would completely make 096 obsolete.
  4. -Support, for more information in regards to the legality and copyrights associated with the SCP wiki, you can read up at the link, altough i do not know how up to date that is. http://www.scp-wiki.net/licensing-guide
  5. -Support, this would cause issue's for staff with Ulx Commands, and would not actually come into play much.
  6. I know people can change, but it takes a fair bit longer then this to achieve that. -Support.
  7. +/- Support. I'm all for it, but we'd need way stricter guidelines on what counts as a "Valid" reason. Your example could be valid if there is simply no other MTF or GenSec on site, for example.
  8. +/- Support, while i would enjoy a rule of this sort being added, i don't believe it'd be easily enforceable by the staff team. As of current FearRP sits are already frustrating for players since the only way they can be proven is with video, and this'd get even worse if we make the rules more complex.
  9. As far as trainings go, depending on what time you are on the server there is usually someone on to train. If there isn't, just wait a bit.
  10. +Support, adds some interesting new weapons.