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  1. +/- Support, sure, it'll be fun, but will also seem like it will take a lot of effort to make and manage.
  2. -Support, i like the idea but this is going to cause so many sits about "Oh this guy didn't run into me but still killed me" or "This guy purposefully ran into me", and really, unless people have video evidence (Which to my experience, most dont) this will just cause a lot of unneeded "His word against mine" Sits.
  3. Yea they kinda already both have armouries.
  4. Falxen


    +Support if it could be made to work, but yea if it conflicts then no.
  5. +Support, and please do the same for UTIL Trainee spawn, just with a LVL2 keycard instead.
  6. I meant them as seperate things, Technicians would fall after things CE's do, Janitors would fall after things CC's do, so Tech's won't be cleaning and Janitor's won't be fixing.
  7. What you want to see? - The rules for Self Breaching that say : "A Containment Engineer/Cleaner needs to clean/fix X thing, and if not avaible a Nu7 Field Expert may do it" To be changed to : "A Containment Engineer/Cleaner needs to clean/fix X thing, and if not avaible a normal Janitor/Technician may clean/fix it, and if those are not avaible a Nu7 FE may handle it." Why should we add it? - Normal Janitors/Technicians should still take priority over Field Experts. What are the advantages of having this? - More to do for Janitorial/Technical. Who is it mainly for? - Janitorial/Technical. Links to any content - N/A
  8. +/- Support, part of me likes this as it will make things more representative, a different part of me hates it as it will undoubtedly cause some MTF to just not flag up to prevent crossing the 4 man treshold.
  9. +Support, maybe not permenantly but with the current influx of new players and the AFK's, its just oft the case were even tough self-breaching is possible, there is not enough MTF avaible to maintain it.
  10. +Support, honestly this is just blatant abuse of Staff powers, and shows that he cant be trusted as a member of the Staff Team.
  11. -Support, the M14 would be way too powerfull.
  12. Falxen

    AOS / KOS

    Isn't this how it already is supposed to be? People cant just randomly AOS/KOS someone.
  13. +/-Support, i believe that the NLR For GenSec CC's should be set to 3 minutes as per normal, as they are honestly just too powerfull to come back every 2 minutes, for normal GenSec its fine tough.
  14. I've seen what gambling addiction can do to folks, and even if its in a game and all, i dont feel that its morally justifiable to have both the Gambling Addons and the option to purchase money at the same time.