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  1. +Support for the Cleaver and Beretta, for a bit more variation. The P250 is a tad powerfull for D-Block and the hatchet is a Donator Weapon.
  2. -Support, while this might be better for SEC, it'd be worse for MTF.
  3. +Support, while i understand that for current players they'll get used to it soon enough, this will remain an issue for new players. Maybe we can add some more maps.
  4. Falxen

    Ban Appeal: Pharm

    -Support. "Gaminglight does not tolerate bullying or targeting based on race, gender, sexuality, or other identities, nor racial slurs or anything that can be deemed offensive. Gaminglight has a zero-tolerance policy towards this type of conduct."
  5. +Support, aslong as it doesn't get abused.
  6. +Support, looks cool, so if its possible without causing lag.
  7. Damn man, i know we've had our issue's over the past, but i'll miss you!
  8. -Support, you've shown to be unable to follow rules while on SCP jobs.
  9. Denied. Please Re-Apply at a later date.
  10. Denied. Feel free to Re-Apply at a later date.
  11. Denied. Feel free to Re-Apply in the future.
  12. Accepted Please come speak to me in Teamspeak.
  13. -Support. There is a lack of evidence, and even if there was evidence collaborating what you say, that would still not constitute a breach of Staff Guidelines.