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  1. +Support Friendly Previous command experience Knows how to lead a branch Active Literally wanted as a replacement for creamey/glados
  2. uuuuh - support 1. these are to make sure no one steals our version of map and if they do they have to physically remove these signs 2. pretty sure these arent solid, as in you can shoot through them and also walk through them
  3. not even on the list, smh my head
  4.  Name: Pixel SteamID: STEAM_0:1:36467260 Rank: Support 3 Reason for leaving (If Private, Fine): I just no longer have the work ethic, and drive i used to have for the community, its time for me to move onto the next chapter in my life. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Ill try but its not guranteed Do you agree to contact your Head of Support once your 48 hour notice is up? of course
  5. 100% agree with orange on this one, this window hurts GOI/D-Class way more than it hurts foundation
  6. +Support Very active staff member Very mature while staffing and off the job Friendly and polite demeanor Very Competent as a staff member Good Luck Cogs! ~Pixel
  7. For me has to be either Doom Eternal or League of Legends
  8. Extremely active staff member, and extremely active on his rp jobs as well, even though he has a wacky time zone , one of the most dedicated, mature and friendly staff members
  9. Didnt know you man, but holy fuck have i heard alot of stories and good vibes from others about you You have made a great mark for yourself in security, good luck where you go man, stay strong man.