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  1. Might wanna wait some time on the server, Get active on the forums and put some more time into your application next time
  2. I mean + Support But next time just bring this to me or another Nu7 Command and we will deal with it
  3. -Support this has been brought up before, and I believe it was denied because it doesn’t really work with the server if we can get confirmation that it works on the server from an smt member I’ll Change my response to + support
  4. Bro, Hes a Top 500 Widow maker player
  5. its a sniper, but since its single shot and a pistol its usuable on D-Class
  6. + Support Sometimes, Site need help, and MTF cant call them in, Big sad
  7. Have seen also start to get active again on the server, He was a competent staff member, so i believe he would do well on the current staff team
  8. also we just had our weapons tweaked and balanced, these would also require this tweaking
  9. +/- Support Great person Does well as a medic well written application needs to work on activity(already acknowledged by yourself so props to you) Good luck and best wishes, ~Pixel
  10. +Support Active Generally a chill dude Worthy of position Well written application Good luck ~OH2
  11. +Support I see it constantly Where GenSec Run out of their spawn get to the intersection and get instachomped by a 939 or 682 I believe the old spawn was completely fine as it was, this new spawn only led to them being camped even harder, and this time by SCPs, and Heavily Armed d-class And dont say that, some days E11 or Nu7 Might be busy or we just might not have enough numbers to deal with CI and Multiple breaches And it really isnt hard as an SCP to get breached by say D-Class and run and wait at a CP without getting spotted, it happens all the time
  12. Epic. Gamer. M O M E N T
  13. Not Trying to Start Arguements, But all of these "Solutions" are all powergaming which is against the current MOTD anyways
  14. +Support The Riot shield literally blocks bullets which practically should in RP completely nullify the fear of being shot And those panic rooms really should be classified, makes it easier to understand and prevents un needed situations from arising
  15. A minge is an annoying player who breaks rules on purpose, On the server it might be thrown around as a joke ULX is a system used by the staff team to do their everyday staffing A Neutral CC is a Custom Class that isnt really on one team, Examples of which would be the Joker CC Quota is Used for Some Branches like Reasearch and Utility to make sure your active and dedicated, Quota is also used for Event team so they have to do a certain amount of events before the week ends