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  1. you see he actually has glass bones so he needs the power suit all because he didnt want to drink his dam milk
  2. Warning this is a level 3 document Any personnel under level 3 found with this document will be amnestisized or terminated Real name: ████ Cerpachio Codename: Pixel Height: 5' 5" Weight: 180 Pounds Current Employment/Occupation: Recontainement Specialist Description: Cerpachio is an Nu7 CPT and operates in Site-██, His goal is to keep the foundation which he calls home secure. History and Origin: Cerpachio began in Florida when he began training in combat for the military when Nu7 ██████ ██████ trained him to join. His first experience in The mobile task force was a devastating mass breach of keters, While he survived many of his comrades died in the breach which he now keeps close in his heart. Goal: To find a way to permanently contain all keter class SCPs.
  3. +Support -Qualified for TTT staff with experience -App look pretty good -Q15 is good -knows how to use RDM manager already
  4. Bruh just play king of the hill with E11
  5. +support Tho i think it would be better to just give 1245-2 like 2 more harpoons
  6. + Support still I like the idea of having a combat egineer especially when technicians are inactive and shit need to be fixed
  7. bro just as a comment when we buffed 076 he now remains breached for 2 hours unless a super admin hops on with with micro if we were to buff all keters or all scps it would be an absolute hell for everyone besides CI and the scps.
  8. -support -1048's are slow for a reason they are small and take small steps, the scream already almost half healths a 200/200 MTF -1245-2's harpoon usually kills in one shot on most MTF or people trying to kill it. -The suggestion for 035 is just way too confusing and would most likely discourage RP even more with 035 -035 is a threat, especially if he has a level 3 keycard possessed ,Because he can cause a mass breach and possibly a Defcon 1. The possessed person with the keycard is also a bullet shield/turret under your control so no 035 really does not need a buff
  9. your using keycard clearance level, im talking about actual in RP clearance level Nu7 Enlisted= level 2 E11 Enlisted= level 3 A1 Enlisted= Level 3-4 (i think) And obviously an Nu7 RCT is lower than a SM in E11 thats just common sense
  10. -Support This is already pre determined through clearance level no point really cause you really should only be listening to people in your own branch or people that are like way higher than you Also command members in all these branches have authority in their branch but it wouldnt make sense for Command in janitorial or tech to be ordering around MTF Command
  11. +Support MTF and myself get smacked by this thing mostly because combined with the massive damage, D bois have no nlr and have the number advantage making this weapon OP
  12. +Support -Mature -Has previous staff experience on TTT -Active -Very friendly As a bit of advice In Question 16 ,you explained how the report system works which is unnecessary, but the rest of the answer is good
  13. +Support -Active on server -Nice person in general -helpful person -knows how to deal with situations