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  1. So yesterday I was looking at the E-11 (Nine-Tailed Fox) roster,to see what was there about me,Windows/Win. And well…It was normal,but something got my interest,a guy who was active and he was playing as E-11 since February of this exact year,he was 9 months on this job! That's amazing,you'll say,and i've played with him,he does his work pretty well! But...The only problem is that he's a PVT since February,he does his work perfectly,he's active,but he didn't got a single promotion in all of that time! Isn't that weird? It is,at least for me,if you tell me "He was catched minging and..." bla bla bla...I would believe you,yeah but he was a PVT. He would get demoted instantly,it doesn't make sense,so if someone knows why that happens,please tell it to me,it's very unfair for him.