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  1. Hi, after being inactive for private reasons, I am going to resign, was nice to play with u... I spend so much fun with all of u and I will ever remember every one of u! Hope the server will continuo on and continuo to be the minges that u are.. I hope that fisheyes be the best SZ Commander (104th is better than KGB) I hope JUUL continuo to be minge I hope AWG show is face I hope that emoo be the best RUMP I hope that bishop come back... I hope that all SZ are the best of the server I hope that every one know that Portuguese is not Spanish... I hope we can play together other games... I hope that u don't tell police about my traffic of cocaine HAVE FUN!!! ASS: EL Reznov
  2. Provokemater

    Reznov LOA

    I am from Europe and it's difficulty to play with you, because the time is different, and because of school to, so dont expect me to stay for to long on than 1 hour per day Sign by: Reznov :3
  3. 1. What is your in game name: Reznov 2. What is your rank (WO2+): WO2 3. Who would like to see you as an OMON Operator (2 officers): WINSHOVEN FISHEYES 4. Why do you want to be on OMON Operator: I Want to join because I am active in Rump and I want to do more missions like raid and kidnap 5. Why should we trust you with this rank and responsibility (30-50 words): u should trust me because I am always on the server I never disobeyed my commanders/officers and I help every one that need help, I do my job as a RUMP player and I always do the right choice 6. How often can you be on: every day 7. Have you read the MP informational: yes 8. Do you have any warns on the server: no 9. Do you have any strikes (if so what for): 1 missing meeting officer 10. What would you do in the case of a terror and you were the only MP on: I call for code red and protect DB at all cost until the end of raid
  4. +support Nice transport heli Not minge Active
  5. What is your name?: Reznov What is your rank in MP?: CDT How active are you (on your MP job)?: Almost everyday. Do you have any suggestions/reworks for MP?: no Are you apary of OMON?: No
  6. Name: Reznov Rank: CPT Are you in KBG: Yes Are you in 104th: Yes How active can you be: Almost every day Concerns: None