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  2. Name: Tomato Current Rank: Lead Researcher Time in Research (Approximate): 9 months with almost daily log in and playtime (since June of last year) Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? (100-word minimum); I feel I should be research command because of my dedication to the server. I am on every single day doing multiple tests per session. When I am not testing I am assisting the Junior Researchers on their tests or answering their questions. Any time a Junior researcher wants to test on an SCP I am normally the first on to flag up so i can ensure their tests run smoothly. I have a deep knowledge of all the SCP's on site and I try to ensure all Researchers have the same opportunities to test on the SCP of their choosing. I also am strictly against minging and disrespect of any kind on the server and will work tirelessly to make sure research department is a safe environment for learning and growth. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?; I have a deep knowledge of each SCP on site, both in game lore and real life lore. I can provide new Researchers with interesting and unique test ideas. I can also teach them how to properly document their tests and how to customize them so they stick out. I currently have one Test in the Hall of Fame and I have another recently submitted for Hall of fame approval, so i know how to write a proper test log. I also have been trying to host more mass tests for the Junior researchers. I want these mass tests to allow Junior Researchers to test on SCP's they otherwise might not get a chance to yet in a safe and controlled environment. I also encourage the Researchers participating to come up with unique and different test ideas. To me, no test is really out of bounds if its in the name of science. As I stated before I am on every day for multiple hours and am constantly trying to improve the Research experience. I do not allow minging of any kind and i am swift to block any mingy players from the department if need be. I can also train more due to the time i can be on (midday, afternoon) when other researchers can not. My knowledge of the other SCP's that are not on site can allow me to host small research events and give the younger researchers a chance to study and create test logs on unique specimens that they otherwise wouldn't get the opportunity to. This is vital to the research department because there are only so many tests you can run on the SCP's on site. I want to encourage the new Researchers to think outside the box with their tests. Thank you for reading and thank you for your consideration of me for the role of Supervisor. -Tomato
  7. I posted this at one point but cant find it now. so here it is again. doesnt need to be re-graded
  8. that guy was my og escort to temp euclid. he just came along with me to the CC
  9. Current name: Lead Researcher Tomato Former name: Potato Site Stationed: Site-05 Known for: Termination of 682 -> SCP-299 x SCP-076-2 test -> SCP-299 x SCP-096 test -> Various SCP-999 Tests -> , , Creation of SCP-096-3 -> , A study on SCP-939's ears -> SCP's discovered by Tomato: SCP-6299 "The D-Block" -> SCP-7996 "The Glucose Meter" -> SCP-6167 "The bone warp virus" ->
  10. Well boys we did it, SCP-682 is no more.
  11. Lore name: Tomato (formally known as Potato) Give a brief description of your character: I have the dedication of an O5 with the free spirit of Dr. Bright. I am not afraid to push the boundaries of what is right in order for science to get done. Science must be done, and these entities are not going to study themselves. Are you a member of, or currently applying for Command?: No An entity has been reported to have manifested on the surface, and is observed to be in a state of dormancy. After the area had been secured by local MTF, you are called up by Administration, and have been told to bring two personnel of any kind with you, along with any equipment you need that is within your clearance. How will you prepare your trip to the surface? (100 Words): I would bring the next highest researcher on site with me in order to gather second opinions on the entity. I wont always have all the answers and two heads are better than one. I would also bring a MTF member in case of violence/aggression met along the way to the surface. With me i would bring a gun (probably a Desert eagle) just in case it's needed. You make your way up to the surface, and there stood the entity. It turns to you and begins to speak with you. After assurance by MTF that verbal contact will not result in aggravation, you begin to ask it questions. What are those questions? (50 Words): Do you understand me? Where are you from? Why are you here? Do you come in peace? Do you know of any SCP's on site? if yes, which SCP's? Do you have any knowledge pertaining to the foundation or its staff? Do you have any knowledge pertaining to SCP-001? Not long after, the entity begins to grow increasingly agitated for reasons you may have possibly discovered during your investigation. In a fit of rage, the entity begins to cut down nearby MTF, leaving only you and the two personnel you have brought, in the midst the carnage. How will you handle the calamity? Do you try to reason with it? Or do you turn a tail and retreat? (100 Words): I would send the researcher back into the foundation for safety and me and the MTF would attempt to reason with the entity. If that fails me and the MTF would attempt to open fire on the entity in hopes of stopping it. Better to die for the foundation in hopes of preventing a massacre then to be a pansy and run away.
  12. Lore name: Potato Steam id: Rank: Lead researcher Activity level: high