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  1. + Support -Always on when I am - Taught me a lot about what I should and shouldn't do as PD
  2. I am a drug dealer and I pulled out an M4A1 from my inventory but when I try to /invholster or /drop it says that I cant drop this weapon and I was told to report it here
  3. Name: (In-game name) FO22 Bernie Rank: (rank inside EMS, NOT FR or FD) EMR How active are you: (Activity approximated, Active, Semi Active, or Inactive; Put reason if Inactive/Semi) Semi active (at least once or twice a week) Why should you remain a part of EMS department: (At least 2 sentences) I think I should remain part of ems because whenever I'm on it is usually later at night when no other ems are on. Also, I feel that I'm a good asset to the team I take alot of calls and I try to make sure that we are organized when there are many ems on. What changes would you like to see: (Anything) I would like to see more organization for how calls are handled when there are many ems on. Whenever I'm on it's just whoever has the fastest car just shows up without telling anyone.
  4. CrazyTechKid

    Ban Appeal

    if they are all old warns then I could forgive him for that. He spends so much time on the server and really cares about it. I dont think that some old warns should get him a perma ban.