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  1. You have always helped me on the server when i needed it good luck hopefully you get promoted
  2. +/- Support + Great Guy + Active in TS and in game + Always is recommending me for my next rank during PD meetings - Not enough effort in your app - Needs to grow up a little bit - Needs to learn how to take on bigger responsibilities
  3. You are a great person but I feel like you need to increase your activity first then apply for LT
  4. You were 1 of the first people part of Low Command and made sure I was doing fine and you were the 1 who promoted me from OFC to SNR and you are a great person even not in PD and also puts a lot of work into what he does.
  5. What you want to see? - A working CAD system for PD and Civs to both use Why should we add it? - I think it would improve better Roleplay What are the advantages of having this? - It will make it possible for PD to actually rp traffic stops in a better way Who is it mainly for? - State/PD Links to any content - https://saucecad.com/mdt/Create