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  1. better server that can hold alot more people better ping and less of the really bad frame issues running on mu pc which is very good can barley run a consistent 30 to 40 frames not even passing 50 to 60 if im in the city as gov and i get a call in the city to respond to my frames drop to like 8 to 7 frames
  2. if you need a awper hit me up i used to play on other teams
  3. i protected him i responded to his panic button as he was being shot at and i had him hop in my squad car to get him out of harms way till the situation was Code 4
  4. i would like to give this OFC a recommendation he was on a ride along with me SNR dewey 1D82 for the entire time i was on the server so a good 3 to 4 hours he was involved in a bank raid traffic stop multiple panic buttons and even helped me protect the president when there was no agent online and every time we had to go into action he followed orders and took out every threat according to the book i request though that he gets sent a link to our codewords as whoever trained him did not provide said link Sighed SNR Dewey 1D82
  5. hello everybody most of you know me as SNR Liston 1D81 now SNR Dewey 1A82 at 2:00 am my grandfather officer liston of the wisconsin highway partrol was injured in the line of duty and is now recovoring in the hospital so i though i would let everybody know that from now on i will be Officer Dewey 1A82 as i am taking his badge number here is to a speedy recovery reason for this picture was also cause i was given the wrong info and i thought he was killed in the line of duty but thought the picture would still be cool to share