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  1. I can see that these -supports are not going in my favor. It's hard for me to prove my innocence except by using my words. I am being truthful and honest about my words and I PROMISE I didn't do anything to harm the player base or community through walls/aimbot/crashing the server/etc. The favors are stacked against me at this moment and I really don't know what else to do but I beg for another chance of being on GamingLight Police RP.
  2. Steam Name: Syndico Ingame Name: DeSean White SteamID: STEAM_0:1:68252094 Ban Length: Permanent Admin that Banned you: Joe Mama Reason for Ban: Hacking / Crashing the server Dispute: On 9/7/19, 8:30, Pacific Standard Time, there was absolute CHAOS in the server with massive shootouts involving the Crips, Bloods, and the PD across the server. Yes, my family (The White Family) as Crips and Bloods, were killing each other ALOT, we seemed almost unstoppable. People were claiming in OOC that we're hacking/exploiting/etc. My family was eventually teleported to admins and we were consequently jailed. We had Calamity and several other staff with us in the sit accusing us of locking onto admins. My comeback is, we weren't locking onto anyone. This was the first time I or the White Family have been accused of hacking. If there is going to be a permanent ban on anyone, there should always be a lengthy duration of monitoring and concrete evidence to prove a player was hacking because it may be almost impossible for a player to prove they aren't hacking. I've spent over 48 hours on the server within 1 week of playing while being a full-time student and working part-time. I found a home inside Police RP, another life where I could conversate with players from different cultures. It was refreshing to see how many people could share a single interest in Gaming Light. I've racked up over 2,000 hours on Garry's Mod; spending most of my time on DARK RP servers. Gaming Light was my first Police RP and I had a great experience. I even donated $20 on my second day of playing because of how much I enjoyed the server. It saddens me that the entire White family and Sterling family been banned for "hackusations". As for the "crashing", I can't explain that. The server crashed several times that day and I can only say that the server must have crashed due to the overload of people getting damaged and the server having to register that. Thanks for reading.