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  1. 1.What Is your In-game Name: US SGM DI Vixxi. 2.What Is your current rank?(1SG+): SGM. 3.Who would like to see you as a Ranger?(Two Officer's): LTC Armykid1324 and CPT Jake Puffin requested me to fill out an application. 4.Why should we trust you with being a Ranger?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I will carry out my missions assigned and won't stop till I succeed, I follow all orders as instructed under the Ranger code, and I won't disrespect my higher-ups or cause inappropriate behavior. 5.Why do you want to be a Ranger (50 Words Min): I want to be a Ranger to help not only my squad mates, but my leaders as well. Along with helping to grow the Ranger's, and get more people that I believe can apply for Ranger in the future. I also want to be a Ranger to keep the US from failing every war, I would do anything and everything by the rules to keep our Army successful and accomplish any mission that is thrown at all of us. 6.What is your Timezone?: Pacific Standard Time Zone. 7.How often can you be on?(How many days/hours a week): I can be on three to five days a week depending on whether my schedule is busy or if I'm always available. 8.Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes I am, I do my best to follow the rules and own up to any actions that I have caused. 9.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): I have no warnings that we're issued to me. 10.Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied): No I do not, I always make sure I follow my orders and not be a minge on the battlefield with my fellow squad mates. 11.Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: Yes, I would sacrifice myself if it meant saving a fellow teammate of mine. I would also complete the mission in every way possible by making sure my squad mates and officers are ok and ready for the next battle to come. I would even run into dangerous territory if it meant I could support and aid my team mates. I would put my team mates over me to make sure they can complete the mission.