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  1. -support pls no
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    I would love to reply to all of your messages individually but I’m sure you all know that I got love for all of y’all. Big log champs out here
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    Ask your girlfriend I gave her a lecture on them last night, she liked the angle broom and water broom the most.
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    Don’t cry because it ended, cry because it happened
  5. Name :Cornbread Branch(es) :Janitorial,Technical Rank(s) :AHOJ,Exp Technician How would you rate your activity? (1-10) a Eight of ten when regarding Janitor I get on usually during the day time there’s low activity during these times for most utility I’m usually the only janitor on during these times but I don’t mind it’s peaceful. With technical I’d have to say a three out of ten my activity in that branch is piss poor I should get on more and attempt to boost activity in that branch. Why you should keep your position (Command Only, 100 word minimum):Well my position is assistant head to janitorial I do what I must and dish out the simple cleanings of the roster and management of janitorial for the utility discord and Ingame whitelist requirements, it’s not up to me weather or not I should keep my position that would all rely on how well the HOJ sees me as useful to himself or weather or not I am a good consultant/assistant for this branch but if I’d have to say is that I’m a understanding individual I like to listen to both sides of a story and not be too quick to make a judgement unless the decision requires one I’m a decent guy the games cool I have fun on it and I hope those around me have fun aswell nothing too serious really. Any changes you would like to see:Nothing that I haven’t already attempted to implement myself. Any notes or questions:Is it pizza time yet?! You’ve had me in here for hours!
  6. A man was falsely jailed to the confines of his keyboard and all you can do is bat your eyes like a air headed show girl? I cannot believe this What will my client do! He loves the streets of SCP-RP discord! He has a family he has responsibilities we need to show empathy he won’t make it 3 minutes in the joint you know what they do to pretty boys in banned lands?!
  7. Steam Name: TheBriginator SteamID:TheBrigand#9071(his discord) Ingame Name:Vinny Ban Length: Forevers Admin that Banned you:th3 Reason for Ban:Pinging SMT “hypothetically” Dispute:Now I gather you ladies and gentle all here today to discuss the banning of a decently honest man, I’ve known Vinny since the day he would sell me gambling tickets on the streets of Detroit good kid I’d always say great business man he never gave a wrong shake when it came to making some bread, no pun intended but besides this point as vinny’s legal advisor I have to defend him in this case of a unjust banning on the discord of SCP-RP now we all know we can’t ping SMT but you see in this case vinny didn’t ping SMT he pinged his long lost cousin SMT who just so had happen to have left that discord server miraculously so there is no evidence saying otherwise so under the ninth law of he smelt it so he delt it vinny just has to be let free and allowed to be returned back to discord server scp rp.
  8. I believe the apples are simply elite because of the fact that they gained power the quickest and held it the longest, utilizing racoons to give compost so that the tree hive mind can concentrate on growing the banana communist are simply unjust in their thinking and are radical terrorists compared to the peaceful apple colonys.
  9. Name : Furious Rank : Senior janitor SteamID : How active are you on a scale of 1-10 :other Anything you believe would be usefull for JAN CMD to know? : Not Really
  10. Name:Cornbread Rank:AHOJ Steam id:STEAM_1:1:127785943 How active are you?:9.8/10 Anything you would like jan CMD to know?: there is a magnitude of brooms that are used in day to day cleaning that we don't use in our day to day foundation lives, we use the standard push broom consisting of a wide sweeping opportunity such as it proper use of cleaning and clearing large base surfaces like garages or hallways that the foundation holds, we could use angle brooms in med bay to get in between the vending machines and corners that the standardized foundation push broom cannot normally reach on a day to day basis thus increasing our cleaning quota 12 fold thus increasing janitorial morale even greater.
  11. +support This dude do be feral in combat doh
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    Medical Rolecall

    NAME:Cornbread RANK:Medic Sub-Division:none ACTIVITY :7 Anything you would want to see in medical: Are you on the roster?: uhhhhm yes? maybe
  13. Name :Cornbread Rank :Exp Tech How would you rate your activity? 5.6 Any notes or questions?howdy