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    Dang bro sorry to see this, good choice though
  2. Just because you can be given a verbal doesn’t mean you deserve one, I wasn’t in the sit so who am I to say that the op was acting in the right mindset to be given one.
  3. +support a very insightful induvial
  4. I have known sixx for a very short period of time but in this time it has been the most valuable and life giving experience ive ever been able to know it felt as if I embraced my own member into my mouth with the gawginator 5000 this man is of the most deserving of this position im greatful that I have ever had the privilege of sitting in a team speak call with him btw @Sixx brigand and bael really need to speak with you asap. This man has brought me from lowest times in my life when I thought I couldn't play on the server to improve activity when I was working 6 days a week for 10 hours a day he said "hey cornbred, get on man I wanna see you" and that right there was so motivational it warmed my heart to know sixx had my back.
  5. None of these steps involved saying “Odin is with us” “For Valhalla” or the act of playing any sabaton music but I will add them to the archive.
  6. if the moderator said he said it, well it looks likes like evidence to me.
  7. -support pls no
  8. RayRoyals


    I would love to reply to all of your messages individually but I’m sure you all know that I got love for all of y’all. Big log champs out here
  9. RayRoyals


    Ask your girlfriend I gave her a lecture on them last night, she liked the angle broom and water broom the most.
  10. RayRoyals


    Don’t cry because it ended, cry because it happened