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  1. 1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Calypso 2. What Regiment are you applying for? Starfighter Corps 3. Why do you want to be a commander of this branch? I would like to become vice commander of this branch, due to my dedication I have gave to it and having now the second highest rank now. Also I been a commander once before of the royal guard of a former server until the server soon enough ended, But now I ask this new opportunity to become the vice commander of starfighter corps. I will do everything in my power to improve the regiment with every bit of knowledge I have gained before, being the vice commander will also teach me about a position that also better my leadership and gain knowledge. I had experience from previous command positions, command positions as 2lt, Commander, Commodore, and general. But this new position could also improve my leadership even more, I will be able to understand my troopers more for instance, a mingy Pvt crashes into other Pvt but has been doing it on purpose. I will be able to step in and support my Pvt to deal with minge or minges, Being able to improve the battalion. Finally, I would mostly do this for my men and seeing them grow also able to know I did good for the server. Fixing the situations that come across me with professional and calm attitude. 4. How much game time do you have on the server? I been here since the start of the server, Been really enjoying my time and I believe I am ready for this new position. Spending any time I have onto the server. With every day getting out of school and being happy to be on. 5. What is the Main Purpose of a commander for a branch? The main purpose of a commander is to build the branch with sops, Training, Tryouts, and watching the branch to see if it's growing the right way. Having a mature and attitude to help with the regiment, I believe every commander should always be keeping a eye on there own battalion and improving there training and men to do better in their positions. To also support the regiment cos and ncos to do better and promoting people who deserve their positions. 6. Why should we trust you to be a commander? : I been in the battalion for a long while, being experienced in other former servers of high command such as commander, commodore and Admiral. This command position could also teach more of being one, I will be able to better understand my men and gain the trust of my men. Giving me this position will not be a mistake of anyway, I will also do my best to do everything I can with this vice commander position. 7. How often can you be Online? : 5-7 hours every day to check up on my regiment or just be my men and having fun with everyone, I usually find changing every day gaining more like 7- 10 hours on the weekends. 8.Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) :None
  2. Name (What it is on the Roster):Calypso Rank:SFC SteamID:STEAM_0:1:13611241 What server is your activity majority based on (EU or US)?:US How is your activity in Gensec (Good, poor, ect):Good Why should you retain your current Rank? (WO+ 150+ Words):N/A