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  1. Steam Name: I_Smack_Women Ingame Name: Dumpy JeanLuc Saint Ferrari SteamID: STEAM_0:1:119760892 Ban Length: Perm (Banned on 7/09/17) Admin that Banned you: ARU Commissioner Valkyrie CO19 Reason for Ban: Att.MassRDM/StaffDis Dispute: (I am not the banned player, this is for my friend as the title states) He was banned over 2 years ago at this point and it was for attempted mass RDM and staff diss, He doesn't remember why he was banned for mass rdm but he does remember called the staff member a dumbass for the situation at hand of why he was getting banned for MassRDM. He apologizes for his actions and wishes to give the server another try as he didn't really get to try it out fully. At this time he was still fairly new to GMOD and didn't have a grasp of the game. Being over 2 years later we were looking around at servers and saw this one but were disappointed at seeing he was banned for something he barley remembers happening as it was so long ago. I am making this appeal for him because he has zero idea how to link steam accounts to forums like this and honestly just plays the game and never really worries about making posts or appeals. But as i said he just wishes to have another shot at playing on this server. I tried it the other day and i had some fun in the 30-45 minutes i was on until i got off because i wasn't able to play with my friend. Thank you for reading and have a good day.