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  1. Dude i've only ever sat with like a total of 3-4 staff and they were all tmods/mods maybe 1 admin on MilRp a year ago.
  2. I've played police RP for 3 days, and I've never even seen you in game. If you're going to try and stop a player from ever playing on a community again atleast be honest about it, especially as staff, thats low man...
  3. Yeah someone was talking about that in game, they should either remove them from shop or have the cars give your money back when you sell them.
  4. Thats the thing, there wont be a next time. I'm permanently banned, You dont think that punishment is unreasonable? No gag or Minge? Just perma ban without warning? That was during "minge hour" when people were afk. I never even rdm'd that night and I only have 1 warn for RDM on the server which was when I first joined. If i wanted to constantly rdm I would've done that... Like I said I know I did something wrong and I shouldn't have said all that but it was a spur of the moment type thing. Thats why im here to apologize and ask for a second chance as I dont think I should've gotten perm'd for that when people get Minge/Gag just for saying something racist in chat. Like I said there was a dude on the same day I was banned threatening to ddos and he was only warned.
  5. I know for a fact if you're reading this you've bought a car, customized it, and went to go spawn it in and you got this message: "X Error Spawning Vehicle" Can we please get rid of the cars in the car dealer that are not in the game? at this point its just baiting players into wasting money and its happened several times to new players around me. Thanks.
  6. I know what I did was wrong and thats why Im here. Everyone has acted out on emotion and regretted it later. I mean, there was literally a guy on the server threatening to ddos earlier today and he was only given a warn. I say staff is corrupt out of anger and Im perma banned without any warning to stop etc. I really dont think a permanent ban is the correct solutiom.
  7. Like I said A Week Minge, Ban or Gag would've been fine. I never said I should've just been warned but perna ban on a long time community member without prior warning seems unreasonable.
  8. Like I said I was only saying it was corrupt because I was heated in the moment because I got an unreasonable warn. If you're going to -support please touch on something I haven't already given an explantion to. But you dont think a week ban or even a few day ban would be more reasonable? I mean its my first ban in all 3 years and it was without warning. No staff even sat with me or anything I just got banned like 3 hours later.
  9. The fact you think people took me serious on that is ridiculous, Obviously no one would be warned for robbing a bank and like I said, I never even planned on being staff. I was simply heated for getting a warn I didn't think I should've gotten and got carried away because I acted on my emotions. Im sure everyone has done that at some point and for that reason I believe I deserve a second chance.
  10. Steam Name: Chiparelly Ingame Name: Tom Good SteamID: STEAM_0:0:155436273 Ban Length: Perm Admin that Banned you: Dont Know Reason for Ban: "Calling server corrupt/Saying he would be corrupt if staff Dispute: That is the most unreasonable punishment I could think of for that offense, I'd fully understand a perm gag or minge for a day but a perm ban? Anyway I was obviously joking as I dont play the server enough to be staff nor would I be interested. I simply think this staff member was having a bad day and I can understand that. Anyway I do not think I should have received this severe of a punishment for the crimes committed. Thank you! PS I've been a gaminglight community member for years, I know right from wrong and I would not say anything in chat to try and piss people off or get me banned. I have money invested into the server and I genuinely enjoy playing on it.