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  1. Revan

    Captain Revan's 48

    I don't really have the time to keep up with PD and ARU due to school like I thought I would so in a weird hypocritical fashion I am leaving ARU. Best of luck!
  2. Revan

    Captain Revan's LOA

    Name: CPT Revan 1L49 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:112662369 Rank: CPT Length (Provide Dates): 1 week| 1/25-2/1 Reason (If private say N/A): I have been to a degree burnt out on the server since I was a LT. I have talked to Eternity, Adams, Will, and Icon during that stage and they convinced me to stay. Due to recent events I decided I was going to officially leave the server. Upon having a recent conversation with Matthew I realized that I just need to take an LOA instead and relax. I may be on for a few important things throughout the week so that's why you might see me on the server. Best of luck and stay safe!
  3. I agree 100% although I believe we have too many tactical units in general regardless of map size. This also isn’t helped by the fact Delta Squad was just added.
  4. -Support I have no idea who you are
  5. Revan

    Command Role Call.

    Name: Revan Rank: CPT Date of submission: 1/13/20 Last Meeting you attended: 1/13/20 Reason for joining command: I wanted to help command become a more active role in the department. I could see myself being able to do more and having a different voice that I was looking for within the command structure. At the time I applied command were not regularly on outside of the Colonels and I wanted to show that once you get to command you should be held to the same standards. Teaching is an important aspect of learning for me and I love teaching other officers and I have more of an ability to do that as part of the command staff.
  6. Revan

    Sulls LT app

    -Support I understand that you have dyslexia. I would recommend you go to someone in advance and ask them to proofread it for you. This is not the reason why I -Support. At this point in time you are not reliably active in PD and I need you to be. Maybe I’m just not on when you are so that may be the case. Also, if you’re having issues with disrespect from lower ranks contact LC and we can do something about it. I want all supervisors to actually feel like supervisors. Good luck!
  7. That all that needs to be said about Will good job buddy
  8. Revan

    Duels LT App

    I agree with Masterson. You need more time on SM before you can apply. Also, I would recommend you have someone to proofread your application before you post. Please refrain from replying to posts on your application unless instructed to do so by HC.
  9. See this is tricky as I was there. The weird thing was that there was a report of shots coming from behind which is the direction of said secondary base. Their goal in theory could be to eliminate threat and use base as a vantage point into yours. As far as preventing people from returning they knew all of you at that point whoever was left had to be in the base you were residing in. Thus you can’t return to a base when you are already at another. I don’t know this is weird as they were so close and we would’ve had that area blocked off regardless whether that base existed or not. I totally see where you are coming from but this is just one of those freak incidents that will rarely repeat itself. So I don’t think CERT should be punished just merely space out your bases next time. And as far as being gassed at gen store I would agree with you that you shouldn’t be warned for wanting to get out of the gas.
  10. +Support Took you long enough...
  11. -Support If we move all of PD to TS you are cutting off communication from other departments. You can mute yourself in TS. Will is right just primarily use the in game radio, exercise radio etiquette, and promote communication between departments
  12. +Support Sometimes we have to add things for variety and fun I mentioned this in the discord discussion. If we really looked at the server so many things wouldn’t fit into the role play aspect. I don’t know why this is being targeted when there are other vehicles, departments, and how we conduct ourselves are not realistic either. If this is shut down I would wish an entire evaluation of the server since we have bigger issues with rp than this. Including the bearcat. I don’t understand the whole if we rp bombs that it’s just sad. Sticking with the normal everyday “rp” gets boring and repetitive don’t shut down creativity. We can use it sparingly and really define what would be a situation where we can use it. If we want to take the MCU seriously then we have to take everything seriously as well not just the MCU.
  13. -Support Time on the server isn’t everything. You don’t need to be on 10-15 hours a day. I will actually tell you to stop being on that much and literally do anything else. It’s more about how did you spend your time on the server when you were on. Were you productive, constructive, and a leader to other officers and so on. At this moment in time I don’t believe you express what I would look for in a new LT.