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  1. Name John Dingleberry Rank Junior Researcher Clearance Level Level 1 Clearance List of Personnel Involved In Testing John Dingleberry (JR) Security Personnel Amount of D Class Involved D-0726 SCP SCP-999 Errors and/or Safety Hazards SCP-999 was initially hard to contain, evading Security Personnel for several minutes. Once captured, SCP-999 complied with commands. Question How does SCP-999 respond to severe violence to a person with which they've established a reasonable emotional connection to. Background Research Public documentation of SCP-999. Several test logs on SCP-999 from fellow researchers. Hypothesis From previous tests and research, SCP-999 can be expected to react similarly to a child, or highly intelligent pet. From this, it can be extrapolated that SCP-999 will react in a very volatile/grief stricken manner. Observation Testing began with introducing D-0726 to SCP-999 within a closed testing chamber. Approximately five (5) minutes were allowed for D-0726 and SCP-999 to play and bond. Both parties showed affection and seemed to be "friends." Security personnel were instructed to restrain the D-Class to the wall of the testing chamber, SCP-999 showed significant distress, and attempted to push the guards while they were restraining D-0726. One security officer held SCP-999 at a distance, while the second officer withdrew a Glock, and fired two shots into D-0726's skull. D-0726 died immediately, with SCP-999 immediately releasing a very loud and subjectively distressed "gurgle" sound, and was allowed to rush towards D-0726's corpse. SCP-999 stayed with the D-Class' body for several minutes, seeming to "lament" emitting high-pitched-off-tone "gurgles" over D-0726's death. Visual Stimuli (Photos/Videos) N/A Analysis SCP-999 appeared to respond in similar ways to a grieving pet. It remained with D-0726's body for a prolonged duration far longer than an animal may show interest in a corpse, and deviated from its traditional vocal patterns in such a way that is considered from a research perspective as "grief." Conclusion SCP-999 responded in an expected manner, bonding very closely with D-0726, and showed sufficient signs to be interpreted as grief towards the death of D-0726. Do your results align with your hypothesis? Yes.