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  1. +support especially when a crafting system was mentioned it sounds very lore wise acceptable as well as fun
  2. - support lets be honest here from personal experience here I've come to realize people need more target practice not D blocks fault they can't aim even then most of the time i'm on when reznovs are on it takes at least 4-5 attempts just to get one successful riot off just to be gunned down by a single MTF
  3. What you want to see? - A rework to how much exp escaped d boy gets or at least more rewards to it Why should we add it? - Honestly 1000 is too low as to be honest 2 tests (500 exp each) is a lot more easier than trying to escape as a d boy. escaping as a d boy really requires a lot of teamwork even with Reznovs or Class D custom classes as if whoever owns the key card hacker or if a single MTF walks up the riot is more or less done for thanks to the key card cracker being dead as there is no way to push on. Even if the reward is decided to be more money based it would make sense as the way I see it its perfect in lore for a D boy to rob a bank or something then get sent right back to where he started. An addition to that all my time i have been on i have never seen a CI trainer on and every time i have escaped i was just slayed and given the exp that barley gives me 5% What are the advantages of having this? - a reward that is more satisfying than a simple 1000 exp Who is it mainly for? - Class D's who would rather rebel than obey Links to any content - none