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  1. +Support -Very active -Nice guy, haven't got any problems with before. -Well done app. -A well-known person on the server. - Know's the rules very well.
  2. +Support Gio didn't mean to warn him.
  3. Name: M8VP Rank: CPT SGT Reason for leaving: Restarting my whole MTF/server career, to join back my original Moblie task force branch "MTF Epsilon-11 ("Nine-Tailed Fox")" and to explore more branches on the server. Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours?: Nope. To whoever has to use this, you were a good member and will be appreciated HONORABLE PEOPLE FROM ALPHA-1/Site Admin Camo: Oh lord you big minge, It started from me being SPC and you being CPL and you decided to put me as 3rd in command for Heavygunner command. We really had our best when we were alone together, I have no words to say except thank you for being a really good friend camo I'll see you as O5 real soon. starr: Man you were my favorite back in the day when I was CPL like you said in your resignation post we chilled in the mornings talking about [REDACTED] and some other things. I really hope the best for you I want you to get far in A1 like you did last time, You and Camo were my favorites in A1 I'll wish the best for you. Crabbo: Bruh you are my favorite mute we were heavy gunner gang together and we went through the ranks together, we used to have the most fun times together escorting, This time I want you to get farther then 1LT this time lol. Ace: CEO of Minge. Big funny guy from Norway. Lee: Very dedicated man, to A1 I hope you get far buddy in A1 and Security. Yoga: Oh oh big minge. I'll miss you bruh but I'll see you while I'm on the E11 job Arium: Man you were very fun to play I'll wish the best luck for you man. I hope you get to Site admin very soon, (He really be clapping cheeks tho) Victus: Bruh zoomed by the ranks like it was a NASCAR race, Victus I'll wish you the very best. Keep being a good COL! Catsro: Cool guy, PK'd me to M8PP but I got my name back, I hope you also get O5 real soon Catsro. I'll wish you the real best. Deltakey: This guy is an actual minge but he's that cool type of minge. If I didn't put you in this list I'm sorry, But I just either didn't know you too well or you just weren't active ;-; Anyways I hope everyone great wishes.