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  1. +/- for the same reasons above
  2. In Game Name: M8VP Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:102544814 Discord name / Tag: M8VP#4939 How Many Warns do Have?: 2 Why do you want to join Alpha-1? What will you bring to the regiment? (150 word minimum): Well, I have been an Alpha-1 command member as reaching CPT as my highest rank, I have always thrived in a branch reaching high ranks and always being a respectful member and always following rules. I always try to make sure every branch looks professional and set a good example for people, that are lower ranks than me. I've always liked how A-1 has been a Level 4 branch and how secret it was to the foundation, I've always missed escorting site administration and how fun and awesome it was doing so. Along with this I will always enforce the SOP guidelines and make sure that they don't get broken or else I will report it to my higher-ups and hope they can deal with the issue correctly. Overall I just want A-1 to bring me joy as it did last time and hopefully I will get a good reputation in A-1, but lastly, I will try to give out as much as activity as I can which means I will try and go for high activity from 2-4 hours a day. Imagine you are supervisor in A1, you have a Private who is minging and disobeying all rules stated within the SOP. Briefly explain the actions you would take and who you would talk to about this situation?: Basically what I would do is pull the person aside and tell them to go to a different team-speak channel involving Alpha-1, explain to them what they were doing is unacceptable and tell them that it makes A-1 looks unprofessional and depending on how heavily they were breaking the rules and minging I would give them the most suitable punishment for them. Have you ever received a strike from any department? If so, answer below when you received it and the reason for the strike. If not, please enter N/A: I have actually yet to get a strike in any branch actually. What Departments are/ Have Been in?: Tech, Gensec, Research, E-11, CI and A-1(before) Do you agree to be active and put forth dedication into the department?: I agree to put my dedication into Alpha-1. Did anyone refer you to Alpha-1? Put N/A if none: None
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    M8VP LOA

    Void this as I have fucking nothing else to do and just sit at home and deal with it.
  4. This update makes me want to come back but I can’t ;( Overall +Support
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    M8VP LOA

    Name: M8VP Rank: SGT Callsign: XR7 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 4/1/20 - 4/8/20 Reason (if private write N/A): I have neck pain because I have swollen lymph nodes on my neck and worried if it’s Lymphoma
  6. I personally think that you are fine now, It’s up to Rang and Dogz if they want to unblacklist you but other people will have to state their opinions.
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    Corners Resignation

    Damn. Join E-11 now minge