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  1. Name: Chris Rank: EMR What do you think could be improved in EMS: SOP
  2. So just a random question, whats a good free recording software I can use. Ive tried OBS and it just crashes and lags really hard. Any response would be helpful ~Chris
  3. - Support I was online when you said this. Calling the server/staff corrupt isn't something they can just give you a warning for and go. Obviously you stated you were "joking" but I don't think anyone found it funny. As the other people on the server who said something about what you said were giving the same responses as "Well then leave, etc" You also gave some pretty smart answers back. Sorry but no
  4. antonmezz


    What you want to see? - A gas feature for the cars. Why should we add it? - I know it has been talked about a couple times. But adding gas gives a smaller hint of realism. You know we have gas stations across the map, 1 or 2. And just think, police before shift go out and get gas. Or just your every day citizen goes out and gets gas. What are the advantages of having this? - It gives more of a realistic feel. And also 1 more reason to be a tow truck driver. Someone runs out of gas a tow truck can tow them back! Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - No [Pretty sure it comes with Vcmod]
  5. -Support I do see where your coming from. But when I first joined I made my first money by selling guns right off the streets (and getting arrested to!) but I had fun. Although, some may ruin it. Not everyone who joins comes to minge.
  6. +support Gives more options for Roleplay
  7. I had heard of Garry's Mod around 2015-2016, but it never really interested me enough to buy it. A couple years later I was in a group for another game. And the owner had decided that he, wanted to branch out to other games. He choose Gmod. He asked if anyone had it, and a good percent of the community did. He also said he would give away 3 free copies, to the first 3 people, that dmed him who were interested in joining as a Christmas Gift. So I did. I received the game the following morning. His server was setup under Police RP and I basically just started and got hooked. I played on many other servers. And just had fun in single player. Unfortunately his server closed down, and thats when I first found Gaminglight. I joined and I was hooked. Just the people, the staff, and everything really. Fun server to rp on, and after a while you kinda get to know who the staff are, who play a lot. And thats my story to how I ended up being where I am today
  8. #1: My two cats. Screamer [Grey], Boots [Black] #2 My Puppy. Charlie #3 My other kitten, [In a dog bed] Bella