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  1. Name: Illager Current Rank: Lead Researcher Time in Research (Approximate): First test log was on Aug. 9th, so approximately 2 months. Why should you be research command, AKA what can you bring to the table that the rest of command can't? (100-word minimum); I generally try to post test logs whenever possible. I've seen a lot of command members rarely posting test logs (if at all), especially Foundation Doctors and high command. I will attempt to test and post test logs whenever I can, and be active both supervising the Research division, as well as doing tests. I have no strikes, I have never been demoted, and I've only been warned once in recent memory because I played the benny hill theme while mingy Research Assistants were chasing me with handcuffs, and even then it wasn't an official warn. I always attempt to RP situations out, and if someone has no idea how to RP I always try my best to teach them how. I am very active in both the branches I'm in, and I participate in Research events whenever possible. I have never done any major minging or rulebreaking, and I have yet to be told off for breaking the SOP as far as I can remember. If there's an opportunity to help newbies with the branch or to introduce new people to Research, I always take it. And finally, I will have a "strict but easygoing" attitude, where I will only strike or demote others if they're not learning from being told off or from being redirected. In conclusion, I should be in research command as I have been mostly a saint (Minus the RA incident) during my time in Research, as well as my general activity and passion for the division. What will you do to make research more active and better? (100 word minimum)(Tangible items like activity, expertise or the ability to run trainings, etc)?; Remember when in last meeting someone said that an on-duty staffed zoomed by our keter mass test while doing admin things or something and basically dissed the entire branch? That stuck with me. A staff member, people who are supposed to uphold the rules and/or make the server more fun basically insulted the branch. I am both mad and saddened by this. Regardless of if I become command or not, I will always be on the lookout for minges, and if I do become command I'll actually use the power given to me to stop them. I'll host meetings (once I get high enough rank) whenever I feel something needs addressing. I will also try to host fun research events and/or mass tests, especially on mysterious or popular SCPs to encourage Researchers to stay on. And most importantly, I want to prove that mod's statement wrong. "Oh, is this what Research is like these days"? What a load of malarkey. I want to prove that absolute cretin wrong. If it's not retribution for the rest of the branch, it's at the very least retribution for me. I want to prove that mod, as well as the rest of the server, what this branch can do. What it is capable of, what is possible with this branch. I want the branch to be as good as possible. I want to make that guy eat his words. Alright, enough with the rant, carrying on. As you may know, as the highest possible Enlisted rank, I know a thing or two about the branch and how it functions. I wish to pass this expertise onto JR's and AR's, and make sure they are able to use this info to make good tests and inspire their peers to follow suit. I also will attempt to supervise JR testing as much as I can and assist my fellow researcher. In conclusion, I want to improve the branch as a whole not just for myself, but for everyone else currently in or thinking of joining Research, because what that mod said, while frankly offending me, also inspired me to try my best as a member of Research.
  2. Thanks for the comment. I edited the document to emphasize the purpose of the test.
  3. Name: Illager Rank: Lead Researcher SCP: 457 Question: Can 457 produce a large amount of renewable energy via thermal energy? Preferred Outcome: 457 will produce at least enough energy to power the average living room. Required escorts/Test Subjects: Security LCPL Curtis, Technician Xray 1, Technician Xray 01 Observation/Analysis: During construction of the thermal generator Xray 01 was killed due to blunt force trauma cause by a pipe flying towards him. Once the thermal generator was created, 457 was given fuel and ordered to burn it. Once it did, the thermal energy was converted into power via a generator. SCP-457 initially attempted to burn Xray 1, however was inhibited by his firesuit. Once informed, 457 backed away and Xray 1 was safely escorted out. Energy/Item(s) Gained: A steady stream of approximately 6,300 watts, or enough to power a house for 24 hours. Power is being stored in a large battery for use in LCZ. Addendum: The wattage from SCP-457 was compared to a standard issue oil generator. It was discovered that SCP-457's fuel efficiency was many times more efficient than a standard oil generator
  4. I know I haven't been FTO for a while, but it doesn't matter. Being FTO isn't what I wanted. I thought being an FTO was about introducing people to the branch, as easy as 123. People were saying "Become an FTO! You get promoted faster!" And to be completely honest... dealing with the monotony of explaining a virtual paramilitary force and/or just hitting ctrl c ctrl v is not worth it. From the time I post this, I will request that I lose my FTO tags on the discord and I will stop engaging in FTO activity. I will remain active in all other gensec sub-branches as well as gensec as a whole.
  5. He was, the 049 claimed FearRP didn't work between the glass
  6. bruh what's stopping unauthorized personnel from just closing their eyes lmao
  7. At the request of Lead Researcher Illager, this document is classified Level 3 access for research staff and Level 4 access for all other branches. If you do not have this clearance, you may request Illager or Site Administration for access to this document. "We can't let this highly unpredictable substance be militarized or fall into the wrong hands. Even if it falls into the hands of MTF or GenSec, they're likely to use it as a chemical weapon weapon or some other war crime." -Illager WARNING: UNKNOWN INDIVIDUAL HAS OBTAINED A HIGH-LEVEL KEYCARD. SECURITY BREACH LIKELY. FACE PHOTOGRAPHED. SITE ADMINISTRATION NOTIFIED. O5 keycard accepted. Welcome, [NAME NOT FOUND] Preface: "Green Goo" is a substance discovered by Senior Lead Researcher Illager by extracting SCP-049's "cure" from the veins of an 049-2 instance and promptly sterilizing it. It has not yet been given a professional ID number and it is currently being discussed between the Research Division and the O5 council whether it should get SCP or Anomalous Item status. It is normally inert and has no anomalous properties, however when mixed with pathogens it has a variety of effects when pressed against a subject's skin. Proposed testing procedures: While transported, "Green Goo" is to be kept in a secure container, such as a plastic or metal box. If neither of these materials are not available, cardboard boxes may be used. Depending on the hypothesized results, either Safe/Euclid testing in LCZ or Temporary Euclid Containment is to be the place of testing. Due to the pair of spare hazmat suits that can be given out to escorts, utility staff, or other researchers, all testing is to be done in Safe/Euclid testing. In case a D-class has a serious reaction, you are to administer basic first aid and call medical staff to your location. Hazmat suits are to be on when testing, unless you have no plans to mix it with a given pathogen anything. Keep in mind skin contact is enough to trigger the affects. OOC note: tests on "Green Goo" are entirely RP-based and as such the D-class simply acted out the effects. OOC Note 2, Electric Boogaloo: You may notice that there are more than 3 d-class, this takes place over multiple tests. Just saying that before command eats my [REDACTED]. //-----------------------------------------------------------------// This document is to be used as a list of "Green Goo" effects. Any effects found by Illager will result in this document being edited to represent those. Effects discovered by other researchers may be submitted in the comments and Illager will edit this document. Form Title: ["Green Goo"] Date: [September 19, 2019] Name: Illager Rank: Senior Lead Researcher Clearance Level: 2 3 for Researchers, 4 for everyone else List of Personnel involved in testing: Security CPL [REDACTED], Security LCPL [REDACTED], Senior Lead Researcher Illager Level D personnel involved: D-1812 ("Teddy Gram"), D-0192 ("Dynamite"), D-1023 ("Camster"), D-0915 ("Nastalgia"), D-2491 ("Stonky"), D-1094 ("Joker"), D-3817 (" SCP: N/A Object: "Green Goo" Errors and/or safety hazards: None Question: N/A Background Research: Very little is known about the "Green Goo", however it is known that mixing it with pathogens causes a variety of effects. Hypothesis: N/A Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): [DATA CORRUPT] List of effects: When mixed with Bacteriophages, D-1812 bit an extremely large hold in his arm, causing severe bleeding. Once testing concluded, D-1812 spilled boiling hot blood onto the floor. Surgery was required an subject made a full recovery. When mixed with Salmonella, D-0192 was in a state of severe distress and had a seizure. Subject was taken to Medbay for treatment. When mixed with Probiotics, D-1023 was in a state of moderate distress before bursting into flames. Subject was quickly extinguished by Illager before any major damage could be done. When mixed with smallpox, D-0915 began dancing, claiming it was out of his own free will. D-0915 proceeded to vomit and complain of stomach aches. He vomited 3 more times before his abdominal region burst, causing severe damage to the outer area of the abdomen. Minor damage to vital organs was also visible. Medical staff called, report on D-0915's recovery pending. When mixed with the common cold, D-2491 began vomiting rapidly, before vomiting up blood. He proceeded to vomit up chunks of his liver, before vomiting what remained of it in a puddle of tar similar to the tar that is in a frequent smoker's lungs. Illager attempted to save D-2491 to the best of his ability, and during the commotion D-2491 sprayed an unknown pink gas out of his ears. While Illager was making further attempts to save D-2491's life, an unknown MTF member opened Safe/Euclid testing before it could be fully ventilated, causing the gas to spread throughout LCZ. D-2491 was in severe pain and asked to be brought to the infirmary. Subject euthanized, as recovery was unlikely. Hazmat suits were ordered to be put on until the gas could be confirmed safe. Gas was confirmed to be benign and ventilated out over time. When mixed with pain medicine, D-1094 recorded feeling no pain whatsoever, minus from pain in the ears. The ear pain was noted to be an ear infection and was considered non-anomalous in of itself. Soon, D-1094 began to fragment and fall apart, with some pieces ceasing to exist. Illager put back together the pieces that did exist, and D-1094 fully rematerialized. Analysis and Conclusion: We may never reach a conclusion with this object. There are millions upon millions of pathogens out there, and as such it's pretty much impossible to see all of the effects "Green Goo" could possibly cause. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: N/A Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  8. //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Form Title: [SCP-049] ~ Research (Sept 25, 2019) OOC note: this took getting creative. Considering nothing is actually known about the cure in-lore, I had to come up with my own. Also, yes, in a previous test 049 claimed the cure was a mix of the flu and ebola. Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: GenSec SGTs [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], numerous MTF personnel, including a medic, Researcher Illager It should be noted that the MTF personnel were not originally intended to be involved with the experiment, however they decided to assist in case of a worst case scenario. Level D personnel involved: D-1831 (Codenamed "D-Boi Irish") SCP: 049 Errors and/or safety hazards: 049 removed the hazmat suit issued to D-Boi Irish and promptly turned him into an 049-2. D-Boi Irish was terminated and incinerated. 049 also had formed grudge against Illager due to the 049-2's termination, thus requiring the administration of amnestics. 049 and Illager are now back on speaking terms. Question: What can we study from 049's cure? Background Research: 049 has claimed in the past that its cure is a mixture of Influenza and Ebolavirus. This, also mixed with surgery, is the "Cure for Death", as 049 claims the "Pestilence" is death. Hypothesis: The cure will be simply water with high concentrations of Ebolavirus and Influenza. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): [DATA CORRUPT] Results: Due to the fact D-1831 was terminated and reanimated by 049, Illager had to retrieve the cure directly from the 049-2's veins. The attempt resulted in success. Upon intensive study, it has been discovered that 049's cure, while containing an EXTREMELY high concentration Influenza and Ebolavirus, it also contained a previously unknown, normally non-anomalous green substance. However, when mixed with germs, a variety of both anomalous and non-anomalous effects depending on the germs. Strangely, Influenza and Ebolavirus both cause instant death upon skin contact, but only the flu-ebola mix actually seeps into the target's skin. Other affects include increased lung capacity when mixed with HIV and extreme spinal anomalies when mixed with the gut bacteria of a chicken. Analysis and Conclusion: More research into the substance that contains the "cure" is required. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No, not at all. Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  9. I honestly like this test. A joke SCP would obviously have a joke test.
  10. Note: This is based off the September 19th post, which states that anyone Researcher+ can apply. While contradictory to the April 7th post, this post is under the assumption that all applications should follow the guidelines of the most recent one. Name: Illager Current rank: Researcher Time in Research: about a month and a half, closing in on two months EU or US Supervisor?: US Why should you be research command: I do believe that I've been in research long enough to understand the ins and outs of the branch. Don't RDM d-bois, don't kill escaped d-class, always follow FearRP when spotted by Chaos, listen to superiors, don't listen to bright even though he is a superior, amnesticize d-class, enable hazmats around hazardous substances, etc. However, you don't want to know how good I am at this whole "research" thing, you want to know what I bring to the table that current command members cannot. Well, what a bring is a sense of humor and tolerance for joking around. Most command members seem to lose all sense of joy or humor the moment RP starts. However, I generally try to tie the humor and silly stuff in with the RP, as long as said silly stuff doesn't negatively affect it. Still keeping it "realistic" or enjoyable while still keeping a playful and casual atmosphere. I understand you want people to take their position seriously, which I still will don't get me wrong, however I'll generally try not change my mannerisms/"style" during RP situations. If this is the reason you don't accept my application I completely understand, but I swear cross my heart that I will at least take the position itself seriously. What will you do to make Research more active/better?: As stated in the previous paragraph, I put fun over most things (Emphasis on "most") so I will naturally make attempts to make research seem more appealing to casual players such as myself. I will endeavor to do fun events like mass tests, while also doing meetings every few days once I get a high enough ranking. I will also attempt to escort JR's to their HCZ tests whenever possible, assuming the JR got permission on the discord, as to encourage JR's to see how cool testing HCZ SCP's can be and trying harder to get a promotion so they don't need to ask every time. I will attempt to oversee research to ensure known minges are behaving and I'll keep a close eye on people who are new/known for going against the SOP. TL;DR, I will try to make research more fun and exciting by attempted to instill a more casual atmosphere, I will do more mass tests and meetings once I get of high enough rank, I'll escort JR's to their approved HCZ tests so they can get a taste of what HCZ testing feels like, and I'll keep an eye out for people who are known to/have a good possibility of minging. But most importantly, thank you for taking the time to read my command application and I hope it's satisfactory.
  11. //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Form Title: [SCP-343] ~ Research (September 17, 2019) Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security LCPL [REDACTED], SCP-343 ("God"), Researcher Illager Level D personnel involved: N/A SCP: 343 Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A Question: How can we better contain 682? Background Research: 343 did not create 682, and as such used to have no information on it. However, he claims to have done his own "research" on 682 since the previous termination test. Hypothesis: 682 is unfortunately impossible to destroy, or at least reliably contain. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): [DATA CORRUPT] Results: The following is a list of information stated by 343: -682's eventual breach and destruction of the Earth is inevitable -There is no way to calm 682's omnicidal rage -It is unfortunately impossible to permanently destroy 682 -Throwing 682 into the sun would contain it for at least 1000 years -Humanity would be safe from 682 if they were to leave Earth -Throwing 682 into a black hole would rid it of this universe and transport it to a random other universe Analysis and Conclusion: There are only two methods of reliably containing 682, the sun or a black hole. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No. Note from Illager: never knew that the solution to getting rid of 682 was yeeting it into a black hole. Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  12. Lore Name: Researcher Illager Steam ID: 76561198836960400 Rank: Researcher Activity Level: Average
  13. Name (What it is on the Roster): Illager Rank? SGT SteamID: 76561198836960400 What server is your activity majority based on (EU or US)? Depends on the time of day, mainly US. How is your activity in Gensec (Good, poor, ect) Good. However, I'm also in research, which might complicate things.
  14. //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Form Title: [SCP-049] ~ Research (Sept. 7 2019) Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Security Corporal [REDACTED], Researcher Illager Level D personnel involved: 0 SCP: 049 Errors and/or safety hazards: We only had one escort, luckily SCP-049 was cooperative. Question: What is the pestilence? Background Research: See SCP-049's dossier. Hypothesis: 049 will finally tell us what the pestilence is. Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): [DATA CORRPUT] //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// Interview Log #049-183 Researcher Illager: Greetings, 049! 049: Greetings, doctor Researcher Illager: How are you today? 049: I am doing well. Researcher Illager: I just have a few questions for you. (Soon after, the automated PA reaction for if the Alpha Warhead fails to go off in case of a surface 682 breach played. Illager, [REDACTED], and 049 all attempted to stay as calm as possible due to the fact it was Defcon 5.] Researcher Illager: Anyhow, we have asked you what the pestilence is but you've never told us. What is it exactly? 049: Dear doctor, you should know it has always been, here you see it every day Researcher Illager: No, but what IS it? 049: What it is, is what you fight to stop every day. Researcher Illager: Anomalies breaking out of their cells and destroying the world? Or is it evil? 049: It is much simpler, dear doctor. Researcher Illager: What is it? Stop being cryptic and tell me what it is. 049: You know it very well, dear doctor. Researcher Illager: Well... what is it? 049: Death, dear doctor, the thing that is every where but nowhere. Researcher Illager: But your cure kills people and turns them into zombies... 049: I cure the infected of it, dear doctor. Researcher Illager: So you kill them, and when you bring them back to life they're completely rid of the disease? 049: Yes, dear doctor. Although my cure isn't fully complete. Researcher Illager: But since only certain people, such as the d-class, have it, does it infect people who have taken a life? 049: I only request them due to my restrictions, dear doctor. Researcher Illager: No, what I mean is that you're completely docile to researchers except for a select few. When you see one that's "infected" and not wearing a hazmat, you become almost instantly hostile. 049: They usually are free of it, dear doctor, but few still gain it. Researcher Illager: Okay, as I thought. But why do almost all d-class have it? 049: You tell me, dear doctor. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// Analysis and Conclusion: The "pestilence" is death. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: Yes. Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.
  15. //-----------------------------------------------------------------// Form Title: [SCP-049] ~ Research (9.6.2019) OOC Note: Sorry for the overall short size of the test. Rank: Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: MTF Nu-7 Operative [REDACTED], Level D personnel involved: N/A SCP: 049 Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A Question: What level of medical knowledge does SCP-049 have? Note from Illager: In a previous test, 049 expressed interest in learning about modern medical procedures. But how much does he know already, in case we do choose to get him books to study with? Background Research: SCPp-049's dossier Hypothesis: SCP-049 will have medieval-age medical knowledge, and will suggest medical procedures that have been proven ineffective Observation/Visual Stimuli(Photos/videos): [DATA CORRUPT] Results: 049 was handed a basic medical school test by Illager. SCP-049 actually aced the test, answering every question correctly. Although, it took a short while for SCP-049 Analysis and Conclusion: SCP-049 has, at the very least, basic training and/or knowledge when it comes to modern medicine. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No. Approved by the Director of Research and Security and the Head of Research. For use in Site-05. Secure, Contain, And Protect.