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  1. Accepted! To have your warn removed, go to the "Bans" Section at the top of the forums, navigate to your profile, find the warning for this appeal, and for the reason on the appeal, link this post.
  2. best etl. i was at a local walmart getting robbed and he physgunned the guy before he could do anything to me.
  3. omg 11!!! this is inasane uopdate!!!
  4. It's the risk you take, don't join random CC's, make sure you know the person to the point where they won't get themselves blacklisted and lose the CC. This would also take away from the premiere club as it's where they get some of the CC's to buy from auction. It's their own fault for getting blacklisted but a process to transfer ownership of a CC for a price by someone who ISNT banned sounds good
  5. +Support lots of activity and experience within gaminglight servers like policerp
  6. -support its an scp, you shouldnt expect to win especially all chaotic and unorganized like that clip was. This is how scps should be, hard to kill. Anyone with thermals and a brain can get em
  7. I don't use the sword due to it being unbalanced currently, up to you if you want to report the person or not but it probably wont go anywhere since the sword has been like this forever He isn't invincible, just blocks bullets 1-2 seconds faster than it should be.
  8. This is known, we're working on getting it balanced/fixed
  9. -Support Utilize branch punishments and staff reports for users who void NLR I'm sure it'll die off soon. It just got here, they're enjoying it
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