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  1. Yeah, I don't know about this.
  2. F4 Menu.* F1 is forums. I have no problem with this.
  3. This looks fire, I want to see this in the server.
  4. Or just buff the M1911, Give the Pro D class something else besides a waste of a slot.
  5. Stale had told me otherwise, My mistake.
  6. I hope you understand 1 class has that gun, not half the branch. And your enlisted starts off at 200/200, double of CI's.
  7. - I don't see the reason for combat engineers to have heavy weaponry. - 200/200 stats are indeed a bit too much. - I also don't see the "Increase in RP" by receiving another "Elite Class" when you already have REDACTED. Guys let's be honest, How are Chaos Insurgency supposed to be able to combat 200/200+ stats with good ass shotguns? Our highest rank has barley over 200/200. (Not including our Heavy class that has the hitbox the size of a dumpster.)