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  1. Denied, Get the fuck back to D-Block NOW.
  2. -support Wouldn't be able to break table or trashcan in there.
  3. Bubonicc

    Bael's LOA

    Name: Bael Rank: CPT Date: 8/6/20 Duration of LOA: 4 days Reason: Burnt out, also dealing with heart and stomach issues.
  4. +support is a very good boy
  5. -support Way too strong. Smoke grenades should not be a thing that D-Class have in the first place and should honestly be removed from those cc's.
  6. +SUPPORT Mini is a good boi and deserves this 100% ALSO PLEASE SPEAK TO ME IN TEAMSPEAK ASAP MINI
  7. I test drove that car the other day and was shocked at how slow it was. +support
  8. Yo if you see Sixx can you tell him to DM me ASAP
  9. +support RDM'd me in D-Block.
  10. +support Always is generally really toxic for no real reason. Sometimes sends his little goons to RDM me while he just sits up there untouchable All my homies hate flameheart
  11. In-Game Name: Bubonicc/Bael SteamID:STEAM_0:0:17049199 Custom Job Name:Stalker Adding player: STEAM_0:1:174348602 ~ 20$ (paid for by STEAM_0:1:174348602) Adding player: STEAM_0:0:158662834 ~ 20$ (paid for by STEAM_0:0:158662834) Adding player: STEAM_0:1:47644701 ~ 20$ (paid for by STEAM_0:1:47644701)
  12. In-Game Name: Bubonicc SteamID: STEAM_0:0:17049199 Server: SCPRP Custom Job Name:Secondary Tactical Assistance Response Squad Removing player: STEAM_0:0:39334457 ~ 10$ (Paid for by STEAM_0:0:17049199)
  13. +support Would be a good member to have on the Jugg class