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  1. Application Accepted, please be active and show up for meetings. (talk to a admin or PM any online CI member and you will get trained.)
  2. Name:Duke Rank & Callsign: Major MA78 Discord: CuddleSlut#0653 Divisions: Military & E4 Activity: Active (Just got off LOA) Suggestions: More PT's (Not just BI-Weekly) Work on callouts, practice following orders. COMMAND ONLY: why you should retain your position? I believe I should retain my position, because I am very dedicated, and I do my very best to enforce the rules while at the same time attempting to make CI fun and relaxed, but I do give out alot of punishments I try to promote people that I know "DESERVE" it, rather than just promoting people I see do something nice, they need to do something to prove that I should give them their new rank. Plus I am always there the moment someone pings me for a question. (Though i should work on being less strict)
  3. Know what I disagree with you I will not look down below and i will believe the lies thank you!
  4. TheDukeOfToast

    Dukes LOA

    Name: Duke Rank: Major Callsign: MA78 Date of LOA Leave/Return:03/23/20 -03/26/20 Reason (if private write N/A): I need a break, I'm under way to much stress right now and too much is going on for me to handle (Mostly IRL)
  5. + Support This will add way more RP for both CI and MTF though where would you place AR? (I'm all for AR)
  6. +Support Shades doesnt have anough slots for meetings, trainings, and even currently, raids. Not to mention people are only complaining about CI Special forces which seems unfair, There are others such as A1 SF and Coldsilver. honestly 4 people is just not enough to work out. Plus the most shades that ever participate in a raid is 6 (we havent ever seen any more than that unless its meeting time.
  7. TheDukeOfToast

    my new LOA

    Welcome Back
  8. It was good knowing you man, hope to see you return eventually. (Much respect to you)