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  1. Name: Eli Rank: CPT FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): FTO Why should you retain your rank (WO+ must respond | 150+ words): The reason why I should retain my rank as a Captain of GenSec is because of the impact that I have to not only Security but also to the other branches as well. While I am on LOA throughout this rolecall, I thought it was more responsible to write this regardless if I am on LOA or not. The Research Branch has seen me quite helpful and understanding, even going as far as to possibly stop an experiment due to a major security issue that happens within the Foundation such as a massive CI raid or an SCP-682 breach. Utility has shown some respect for me since I also make sure to protect them within the line of duty. MTF has enjoyed me being a command cause I always make sure to keep security in check and discipline so that way they would have great potential recruits in the future. Surprisingly, even some Class-D has some respect of me due to me not only being strict and discipline to the Class-D to make sure they don't escape and to behave but also be somewhat compassionate about their lives which gains their trust so that they don't try to escape again. Finally, the Security branch sees me as a great role model to look up to when they rank up. I always try to help out a security personnel if they don't know what to do. I am kind and compassionate to all people but can take charge and be ruthless when the time arises, such an example would be when there is Security OFC that are not listening to orders and are minging. I am also the Commander of RCF which, because of not only me but also Gunther, the branch is starting to grow back to the way it was. I would like to stay as Captain of GenSec overall because I am a great member who is active and wants to inspire the next future command of this branch. Any Notes, Questions, or Concerns?: Notes: Friendly soft puppy, can be fierce if provoked
  2. Name:Eli Rank:CPT LOA Date Range/Activity Change: 1/21/2020 ~ 2/4/2020 Reason (Can be Private): Had a rlly bad day so might be sour for the week also I need the time off to put more into my work since im starting to slip in school
  3. In-Game Name: Eli Rank: 1LT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 1/7/20 - 1/14/20 (1 Week) Reason for LOA (If private that is fine): School has started for me and recently I haven't been on the server much as I use to. I'm taking this LOA as a break from GenSec security but also to help me not only get a break but help me in school since I have new stuff to work on since I am a senior.
  4. In-Game Name: Eli Rank: 2LT Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 11/29/19 - 12/6/19 Reason for LOA (If private that is fine): Spending more time with School and Studies as well as trying out new games Sry this is also my first LOA that I am doing dont shame me >_<
  5. Name: Eli Rank: SM FTO Rank (If Applicable, SGT+): FTO RCF Rank (If Applicable, CPL+): SRCF Why should you keep your rank (WO+ must respond): (I put in a application for WO and if it does get accepted) I am dedicated to the server and have been able to help out Gensec for all of the years that I have been on here. While I have much to learn throughout the branch I wanna keep my rank to be a positive and helpful leader to security and show them a positive path.
  6. Name: Eli Security Rank: SM FTO Rank: JFTO Why should you keep your rank? (SFTO+ must respond): N/A Any notes or questions? N/A
  7. Name: Eli Rank: PFC Any questions, comments, or concerns?: N/A
  8. Name (What it is on the Roster): Security XRCF SFC Eli SteamID: STEAM_0:1:186708848 What server is your activity majority based on (EU or US)? US How is your activity in Gensec (Good, poor, ect) Pretty Good, not as very active due to school, active whenever I can be available and always online everyday to about 4 days of a week. Involved in both GenSec and in Research as well. Why should you retain your current Rank? (WO+ 150+ Words): N/A
  9. Name: Eli Rank: Associate Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: D-1942 , D-0040 , Security CPL Aqua Amount of D class involved: 2 SCP: 012 Object Class: Euclid Errors and/or safety hazards: While on the way to HCZ object CC's i suddenly founded a tied up Class-D Personnel at HCZ elevator. (See Addendum-513-1 for more info) Question: What would happen to a blind subject vs. a blindfolded subject if they were to encounter SCP-012? Background Research: SCP-012 is a piece of handwritten musical score titled, "On Mount Golgotha", which part of a larger set of sheet music, appears to be incomplete. The red/black ink, first thought to be some form of berry or natural dye ink, is human blood from multiple subjects. Any subject affected by SCP-012 will start to tear wounds into themselves to finish of the written piece of music until they bleed to death. So far the composition has been yet to complete. Hypothesis: SCP-012 appears to make victims cut themselves open to try and finish off the music sheet and have died as a result. Because of this I want to see if SCP-012 will have any sort of effect to a Class-D Personnel that is blind when they encounter it and if they are able to resist it. Class-D Personnel will be placed in SCP-012 object Containment Chamber while the second Class-D Personnel will be blindfolded ready to take place for secondary testing to SCP-012. Both subjects will be reviewed at the end of testing if they survive and will be given Class B amnesics as well. For both Class-D Personnel their test will be similar. Each subject will enter the Containment Chamber independently and try to interact with SCP-012. If first subject were to survive the test, they will be immediately extracted from the Chamber and the second blindfolded Class-D Personnel will head in for a rerun on the effects. Before start of experiment I will have a Containment Engineer inspect SCP-012's CC for any sort of issue before testing. Addendum-012-1: As on my way to HCZ Object Containment i spotted a Class-D Personnel tied up next to HCZ elevator. I first asked his designation number and gave me it, D-3250, and then asked him where is the people he was with and he responded, "They just left me here". D-3250 seems tired out looks as if he has been there for a while. From his body conditions i'd say some GenSec or Research Personnel must have tied him there and then abandoned him. I untied him from the posted he was tied to and took him with me on my way to Object Containment where I met with the Department Head which he needed a new Class-D since the one he had tried to escape and gotten terminated. Handed spare Class-D Personnel over to him and informed him about the issue. Currently Speaking this issue with Head of Security, Head of Research, and Director of [REDACTED] as of this moment about this issue. Will update report with any more information on the latter. Observation: D-1942 entered the Containment Chamber first as instructed with my assistance. D-1942 has a medical record for being physically blind and cannot see anything. D-1942 suddenly started to write into the composition with no alternative effects to him and shortly died thereafter. D-0040 entered after D-1942 was removed from the Chamber. D-0040 was blindfolded and instructed to interact with SCP-012 as before with D-1942. Same result came upon D-0040 and died as a result of the test. Visual Stimuli (Photos/ videos): N/A Conclusion: Class-D Personnel has died due to the effects of SCP-012 regardless if they are blind or not. It appears that the presence of a human subject nearby SCP-012 will just offer the same effects of luring the subject in, making them cut themselves open, and try to finish the piece altogether. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No
  10. Name: Eli Rank: Associate Researcher Clearance Level: 3 List of Personnel involved in testing: D-6968 (Terminated), D-0132 (Terminated), Security RCF SGT Calypso, Medic Rav3n Amount of D class involved: 2 SCP: 513 Errors and/or safety hazards: D-6968 knew about [REDACTED] when the Director [REDACTED] of [REDACTED] passed by with MTF [REDACTED] escorts and happened to overhear the Director. D-6968 was reported to both High Command of Research and MTF Nu-7 about information regarding [REDACTED]. D-6968 was given Class E amnesics, I did ask if the Class-D Personnel was to be terminated. High Command requested not to do so however when Nu-7 was told (which one was located in D-Block) he immediately terminated D-6968. D-0132 was also terminated by Nu-7 when back in D-Block when he was released in the security area next to the exit gate to go back through the doorway back into D-Block. I had reported to him as well with the question of should D-6968 be terminated even when he was given Class E amnesics. He stated that, "He knew about Redacted information anyway". When questioned as to why Nu-7 terminated D-0132 even when stated he was given amnesic and released in GenSec area to head through the door to head back into D-Block he stated, "He was over the line anyway" Personnel's name was MTF Nu-7 MSGT Fear B312 Question: Will a blind subject still be able to see SCP-513? Background Research: SCP-513 is a rusty cowbell with no inventive marks or engravings visible on its surface due to the large amount of corrosion. Attempts to remove the rust chemically or mechanically have had no success. When SCP-513 is used by a subject they begin to experience strong anxiety in all sentient beings who hear it, regardless of their previous mental status. Exposure victims report feelings of being watched by an unseen entity and present elevated heart rates and blood pressure. Effects tend to get worst overtime with the victims who was involved with SCP-513 Hypothesis: Due to affected subjects having visions of SCP-513 when they hear the cowbell, I want to see if a blind Class-D Personnel will experience the same kind of visions as a normal Class-D Personnel. 2 Class-D Personnel will be placed into SCP-513's Containment Chamber. Before the start of the test, Containment Chamber should be fitted with sound proofing material as to not have any Foundation Personnel become affected with SCP-513's effects. Once sound proofing has been completed, by either a Technician or a Containment Technician, subjects will commence with the test with the normal Class-D Personnel (D-6968) ringing the bell with the blind Class-D Personnel (D-0132) near him. Subjects will be recorded for aprox. 24 hours before being released back into D-Block. Addendum-513-1: Technician not available at the moment, changing testing with Earmuffs on Foundation Personnel instead. Addendum-513-2: SCP-513's Containment Chamber appeared to have a Level 4 access scanner even though SCP-513 is available to Associate Researcher. Reported the issue to Head of Research. Had to get Foundation Personnel with Level 4 access to continue research. Issue is still pending. Observation: D-6968 and D-0132 entered the Containment Chamber after the Technician had fitted SCP-513 Containment Chamber with sound-proofing material. D-6968 was order to begin ringing the bell with D-0132 next to him. Both Class-D Personnel began to experience the same symptoms as normal victims under the influence of SCP-513. After about 5 minutes, Class-D Personnel was vacated from SCP-513's Containment Chamber and was sent off to Medbay. D-6968 began to experience the normal symptoms like every victim of SCP-513 however D-0132 began to have a different outcome. D-0132 began to feel a presence similar to our presence but however when asked about what he could see, he told me that he still could not see anything. Addendum-513-3: Requesting a talk with the Director of [REDACTED] about the call out of [REDACTED] name around Class-D Personnel. Request is pending at the moment. Visual Stimuli (Photos/ videos): N/A Conclusion: SCP-513 only appears to have minor effects to subjects who are physically blind and not be able to see SCP-513 however it does not excuse it's presence around the subject. The presence of SCP-513 only appears to be around D-0132 when he is alone or with only 3 people or less. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: No, any subject who is physically blind is NOT capable of seeing SCP-513 although they still are able to detect it's presence.
  11. Name: Eli Rank: Junior Researcher Clearance Level: 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: Dr. Bright, Senior Medic Fear , Security LCPL Slime Amount of D class involved: 0 SCP: 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: N/A Question: Would SCP-999 be able to cure Dr. Bright of his "Mad Scientist" ego? Background Research: From the Research test on SCP-999 and his healing capabilities, it has been proved that SCP-999 has the ability to also heal any mental disability or dysfunction that the subject has a medical history of. The result of SCP-999's ability to heal mental disorders is only temporary and unfortunately not permanent (See SCP-999 Test #1 - Research 8/22/2019 for more info). Hypothesis: From SCP-999's healing ability on mental illness, I am commencing the same experimentation again only this time it will be on Dr. Bright, Clearance Level 4, of course with his permission which is currently pending. Everyone in the Foundation already knows about the monkey man's "Mad Scientist" ego and his crazy experiments that he has conducted within the Facility's walls. I have also informed Research Command about the experiment that I am conducting with was granted as long as no harm becomes of Dr. Bright, currently pending approval. Dr. Bright will be experimented at the Medbay just as a precautionary measure in case of a failure reaction or any health issues should arise as a result of the experiment. If the experiment is to come out as a success, I will inform Research Command or the High Research Command to possibly take the research log up to Site Administration or even up to [REDACTED] for a pending request to use a bit of SCP-999 as a makeshift medication to Dr. Bright's mental insanity. If possible, I will also get at least one MTF Nu-7 on standby for the experiment if the experiment outcome is to result in a failure reaction. Such a reaction, for example, is if Dr. Bright would turn more insane and try to attack personnel as a result of the outcome from the experiment with SCP-999. Addendum SCP-999-A: Approved use of SCP-999 to experiment on Dr. Bright by Research Command; Research Administrator SS1 Addendum SCP-999-B: Dr. Bright has granted me permission to use him in the experiment as long as he isn't servery harmed. Informed Dr. Bright ahead of the experiment that he will be at least shot 1 time in the foot to cause a bit of damage to him so that SCP-999 could heal him for the experiment to try and heal his mental insanity Observation: Again as the same as before, Dr. Bright is taken a bit of damage by Security escort upon request to continue experimentation with the same 9mm pistol to the foot. SCP-999 sensed Dr. Bright injury and went to go heal him, again in his happy-but-also-worried state. Dr. Bright began to experience sudden change into his attitude for a few seconds but then afterwards turned out to be no different as before when Dr. Bright was healed. Dr. Bright's mental insanity is still the same as before but a little pissed out for wasting his time with no results from the experiment. Visual Stimuli (Photos/ videos): N/A Conclusion: The experiment turned out to be a utter failure as a result. While in my recent report (See SCP-999 Test #1 - Research 8/22/2019 for more info) turned out to be a success in curing mental disabilities temporarily, Dr. Bright seems to be an exception from this healing process. It does seem curious though as to why Dr. Bright is immune to the healing process of mental issues from SCP-999. My theory on this could be that Dr. Bright is simply too smart for his mental insanity to be overwritten or if this is not the case maybe SCP-999 can only affect humans not animals such as Dr. Bright, since Dr. Bright is a monkey of course. I will update this report in a bit with records of Class-D Personnel from my previous experiment and records of Dr. Chang to see how smart they are to prove my theory, if not i will conduct a third experiment with SCP-999 on 2 Class-D Personnel and 2 animals, passive animals such as dogs or rats, to see if SCP-999 capabilities will only work on humans instead of animals. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: The results of this experiment did NOT in fact align with my hypothesis. While in my previous report SCP-999 healed Class-D mental issues, Dr. Bright appeared to not have any affect from SCP-999. This leads me to another theory that either Dr. Bright is too smart for his mental insanity to be overwritten by SCP-999 or that SCP-999's healing abilities have no effect against animals. I am in the process of getting the previous records of the Class-D Personnel, as well as Dr. Chang's, to confirm one of these theories. I will update this report soon with the results of the records from Medbay Addendum SCP-999-C: Records have came in from Medbay confirming intellect results from Class-D Personnel, Dr. Chang, and Dr. Bright. The results from the subjects appear to be at a moderate level. Class-D Personnel's intellect appeared to be at a moderate or low value IQ of, at the lowest, 90. Dr. Chang's intellect level appeared to be a little over moderate with a IQ at least 115. Results from Dr. Bright's IQ is well up to 1000. Testing on SCP-999's healing capabilities on mental disabilities concluded.
  12. Name: Eli Rank: JR Researcher Clearance Level: Level 2 List of Personnel involved in testing: D-3257 (Terminated), D-4118 (Terminated), D-6601, Researcher Dr. Chang (Volunteer), Security SGT ALpha960 Amount of D class involved: 3 SCP: 999 Errors and/or safety hazards: (2 Class-D Personnel had been terminated as a result of the testing) Class-D Personnel, designated D-3257, tried to assault the Security escort within SCP-343's containment chamber before the test could commence. D-3257 had a history of only mental disability so his escape attempt was kind of expected. He was terminated by GENSEC Security escort shortly after his attempt of murder and escape. Researcher Dr. Chang volunteered for the testing of SCP-999 due to his partial mental disability quite similar as of D-3257. The test resumed as normal. D-4118 was also terminated by Security escort after a escape attempt via running out the door when subjects were to be restrained again after the test had been concluded. D-6601 had remained stationed in the same area during the 2 escape attempts which resulted in him getting taken to Medbay for further examination and Class B Amnesics before being fully discharged and sent back to the Class-D Prison Block. Question: N/A Background Research: SCP-999 has been view through the GENSEC branch within D-Block and through Medical Staff with the capability of healing others that are within pain or has apprehended some sort of damage to the subjects body and, for this reason, has been seen as an asset to the Foundation in the medical field. Hypothesis: Studying the effects of SCP-999 and it's healing properties if it is able to heal any test subjects with different bodily injuries such as mental damage, internal bodily damage (such as a internal organ hemorrhage for example), and a subject with both issues. 3 Class-D Personnel will be chosen based on their medical records provided from the Foundation medical staff (first getting the approval of the Head Medical Staff, of course). 1st Class-D Personnel will be chosen based on mental disability, 2nd Class-D Personnel will be chosen based on recent surgery from a recent organ hemorrhage, and the 3rd Class-D Personnel will be chosen on both accounts of mental disability. The 3 Class-D subjects are to be taken into SCP-343's containment chamber for this test where they would be taken a bit of damage by a 9mm pistol within the subjects foot. SCP-999 would then take notice of the Class-D that have been injured and would be treated immediately and would not only heal the damage that was done to the subject but a attempt to heal any damage to the body that is not visible. Observation: SCP-999 appears to show it's normal happy state as it is healing the Class-D and Dr. Chang from their wounds. Dr. Chang's mental disability has appeared to change dramatically, going from mental retardation to top class genius with a estimated IQ of at least 120. Class-D Personnel (D-6601) has showed no significant change within his body and still has the same feeling as before. Further examination showed that the recent surgery markings of the hemorrhage within his body are still there which came to the conclusion that the experiment was a success in correcting mental disability but a failure within recent hemorrhage. Result of Class-D Personnel (D-4118) is unknown as of the escape incident (See Errors and/or safety hazards for more info.) but due to the results of D-6601 and Dr. Chang, it was mostly likely concluded that his mental disability was most likely cured which may have prompted his escape attempt. After getting D-6601 examined and amnesics, Dr. Chang started to have his mental disability back again, test has been concluded that SCP-999's healing ability can also heal mental disability but not recent hemorrhage however the healing of the subjects mental disability appears only to be temporary. Visual Stimuli (Photos/ videos): N/A Conclusion: SCP-999's healing capability can also be able to heal any mental disability however the limit of disability that the subject has is unknown. Further testing is underway at the moment. Test also concluded that SCP-999 ability to heal mental disability is also temporary and unfortunately not permanent. Further research is underway at the moment to gain permission from Dr. Bright to use him as a test subject with SCP-999 to see if it's healing ability can temporarily cure Dr. Bright's madness. Getting current approval from High Research Command to commence this test for precautionary measures as to not break research protocol. Do your results align with your hypothesis?: The ending results had concluded that it has indeed align with my hypothesis however it didn't align to the fullest consent. While it did have a effect on mental disability and eventually cured the subject from it, temporary, SCP-999 didn't appear to have a effect on the Class-D Personnel that had recent internal hemorrhage.
  13. Name: Eli Rank: Corporal Which Server do you play on mostly? (US or EU): I play on US server Why should you retain your current rank? (WO+ must answer this): Any Concerns?: None.