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  1. +/- Support I am unsure of the lag or other performance hindering effects that this could cause on the server. BUT If SMTs could take time and Investiagte VRMod and see if it impacts the server in negative ways or not, and find that it might not effect it negatively: then i would absoultley DIE to have this mod on the server. I would use it all the time.
  2. Ethics Committee are gonna go BONKERS when they see this Test Log
  3. +support I want the redacted interrogation room back so I dont have random researchers viewing interrogations
  4. -Support Although Dr. Manyard (in lore) is a Foundation Doctor (which have level 4 clearance), Dr. Maynard should keep a Level 3 Keycard because of these reasons: He is a Chaos Insurgent spy. Almost every single door in the facility has a Level 3 Keycard Scanner. Although the checkpoints are Level 4 Clearance, Dr. Maynard can still pass through the side area. Even if there are people posted at the checkpoints, they will still let him through if he hasn't been AOS/KOSed yet. Even if he is AOS/KOSed, he just runs straight to the checkpoint room and kills everyone inside with a Negev, that's why he can have it. It can be easily abused to hide in rooms that MTF/Gensec can not access (such as the Facility Offices, Site Admin offices, etc.) If you play Dr. Maynard and you don't like the challenge of having to sneak around without everything handed to you, you should NOT have a Dr. Maynard whitelist. The End
  5. Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:50916788 The admin's name in-game: Stage The admin's steam name: Not sure, check the Roster. What warning did you receive: RDM x1 When did you receive this warning: 09/18/20, Midday Why do you think this warn was false: Context: I became a Security Heavy to assist the GENSEC in regaining D-Block. A security NCO came up to me and assigned me to the Concrete Barrier by the Research Line and ordered me to stay there. Note that at the time a RIOT is happening. Hands up is active and it is complete chaos within D-Block. Now, a D-Class named "THE SHEEP" is sitting at the back of the line with his hands up. Next, Gamikzone (shout out to Gamik btw) comes up behind the D-Class, hides behind him using him as a shield, and begins to shoot me. I immediately return fire at Gamikzone, who I originally had a clear shot on, but the D-Class, "THE SHEEP" began using himself as a shield to keep Gamikzone safe. "THE SHEEP" keeps moving in the line of fire in the line and ends up getting killed by me. I'm pretty sure I also killed Gamikzone. After that situation is contained, I get brought to a sit where "THE SHEEP" begins whining saying I purposely killed him and his brother. I did not "kill his brother" as he said. This was confirmed by Stage when checking logs He was using his body voluntarily as a shield to block fire coming from me to protect Gamikzone. His excuse was "you could have moved to kill me". Now this was not possible because of multiple reasons: I was commanded by a Security NCO to stay at this barricade. That was the only cover I had at the time, moving out of cover would have rendered me exposed, thus giving Gamikzone (who was shooting me) a fuller shot at me If he wasn't blocking Gamikzone with his body and standing in the Testing Line during a RIOT, he would have not been shot in the first place. He would not have been grabbed for a test anyways because D-Block was under siege by a dozen D-Class. Ducking behind cover would limit my mobility, which is not favorable when other D-Class are charging you with knives (which also happened in this situation) Evidence the warning is false: Ask Gamikzone and Check Logs. Any extra information: Nope, that's about all I have to say.
  6. + Support, they should be moved to the Tents or at least to another building SOMEWHERE ELSE. In the middle of the map. With their spawn being in the town, it basically makes the town unusable because all they do is run at anyone who isn't a Sarkic and RPG spam until that person is dead. Please move them somewhere else, especially so there not 10 seconds away from Gate A
  7. Honestly, +support Today I joined the Server, flagged up as O5 researcher, took two steps up the stairs and immediately ran into a Sarkic Cult Member, although I was able to murder him, I sadly ran into another one 5 seconds later who shot his RPG at the ground twice (even though I was literally right in front of him) and he killed me. I re spawned and was shot again until he finally walked away. The O5 Staff spawn is in the worst possible spot. Give us a room or something AND MARK IT AS A SPAWN
  8. SCP-500 Overdose Experiment:
  9. And to think I wanted to touch the skull... Great work, Tomato!
  10. +support What's an O5 without a Level 5 Keycard? O
  11. D-Class Supplier sux but taking out ammo for other D-Class would disrupt the entire Rioting population. Negatives outweigh the positives.
  12. What are you suggesting? - A flare gun for people to use on the surface that can be seen from across the map. It can be added to RFA, Certain MTF Units, and certain CI Units How would this change better the server? - It would encourage Field Operations and make it so if you shot off a flare, people can respond to your signal and help you etc etc. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Shouldn't be any disadvantages, no. Who would this change mostly benefit? - People on surface (MTF, CI, RFA) Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - Think about how cool this would be, assigning certain colors to certain branches. btw, you have to aim in the air in order to shoot it, really cool feature
  13. What are you suggesting? - SCP-035-1 Class complete revamp (explained below) How would this change better the server? - It would make SCP-035-1 actually playable and FUN to play on. Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? If so, explain. - Well, it would take awhile to balance it out (incase these changes are a little too high, but instead of that no. People shouldn't really complain about this. Who would this change mostly benefit? - SCP-035-1 and SCPs Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - N/A Alright, lets face it SCP-035-1 is an unplayable SCP class. Here are it's MANY problems: The SCP-035-1 SWEP is completely useless. After lots of playtime on the class I have always found myself inflicting little to no damage to ANYONE with armor and ONLY 50% damage to someone without armor. Please note that these observations were made after I swung at them at least over 30 TIMES. It's hit registration is absolutely horrible when the person you are trying to attack is jumping and running around you with a shotgun (especially when they bump in to your and trigger the player collision which causes a brief a weird lag effect for some reason). Anyways, for an SCP who is able to leak literal viscous acid from their body that will melt through humans very fast, they are incredibly weak with this SWEP. The hitbox to the model has no Limb Damage. With an MTF with a shotgun shooting at you at point blank (mainly because they know you won't be able to kill them), it absolutely demolishes health and armor in seconds. This "manipulation/possession" rule is literally impossible. Out of 99% of the people I have encountered, I have ran up to them and they immediately start shooting me because they see "SCP-035-1". They shoot immediately and never see ,or completely ignore, the "/me" that can initiate the manipulation on somebody. Also the rolls are a hindrance as well. The rolls are way too high for SCP-035-1's known impact. What I mean is, for a cognitohazard that can get inside anyone head in lore, these rolls make that basically impossible. In ONE occurrence where I was actually able to possess an MTF, it took me 5 tries (thats 25 minutes of waiting!). In a normal circumstance, the MTF/Personnel would have left, shot me, or ran away already. If I were to possess a GENSEC/Research they would get shot and be dead within seconds. Simply, SCP-035 is not even remotely close to as dangerous as it should be What I would change/add: Fix the SWEP for these things exactly: Make the SWEP hit radius/ hit detection better. When SCP-035 swings his arm, generally his viscous liquid will fling off of his arm and onto the person as well. Increase the radius (and maybe the length, just a little) of how it can hit someone. Up the damage. Make it so I can actually get close to killing an armored personnel instead of hitting them 31 times, dying, then seeing they still have 150 health. If possible (which is tough because it would require development), make a feature that slowly damages someone overtime after being hit (like a bleeding effect). This would make sense because of the viscous liquid that would leak onto the person during the attack 2. Fix the health/armor to this: 375 health and 275 armor. Look at it this way. When someone is possessed by SCP-035, they lose all feeling and basically die. Their memories and thoughts become his and they become HIM. Now, if SCP-035 were to get shot, he won't go down like a normal human. He will charge just like a zombie until the host is neutralized by sustaining enough damage or a shot to the head. The body is already decaying due to the viscous liquid leaking out of the mask, so nothing really hurts him. 3. For the love of god, please do something to fix the "/me" system to manipulate someone. Here are some suggestions for this: In my honest opinion, typing a "/me" into chat is completely useless. It can only be enforced AFTER the situation is over because someone has probably already murdered you without reading chat. Someone I talked to before writing this said "Yeah, when I'm in combat I would never read chat". People on this server (most of the time) think "shoot first, ask questions later.". The system to manipulate someone should be changed from the "/me" system. Honestly, whatever you change the manipulation role play aspect to, just make it clear as day. Make it so the person on the other end of SCP-035-1's manipulation KNOWS 110% that they being manipulated. Maybe make/find a SWEP that puts a temporary effect on someones screen so they KNOW that theyre being possessed. Or make it to where 035 can type and it will show up big on someones screen saying that they're being possessed (in the vicinity obviously. Im not exactly sure, maybe you all have better ideas but please do something about it, its so bad. Lower the rolls (or boost the rolls on SCP-03-15 idk how roll system works lol). Either change it to 50+ for everyone to possess them or make it 45+ for researchers/gensec and 50/55+ for MTF/CI. Its a pain trying to manipulate someone as is. Make it so you can manipulate more than one person AT A TIME. If there is a group of lets say, 3 people (or 2, it sounds more fair), you would be able to attempt to possess both of them at the same time if you roll high enough. (one roll). It would really make SCP-035-1 a greater threat. I believe that the max number of people you can control should stay at 5 though. Im not sure if this is in MOTD or not (i didnt see it), but you should make it so when you control someone, you can have them leave you and you can still mind control them even when theyre away from you. (for example: If I control an Om9 in my cell and they get let out and I stay in my cell, I would be able to PM them what to do, such as turning off the power and then coming back down to get me (which would also let out 280 hehe.). Basically, mind control from across the facility. Maybe lower the amount of time until you can mind control someone again to 3 minutes? Unless amount of people you can at one time is added 4. Final thing: This would be a huge project, but take everything above and KEEP it for SCP-035-1, but somehow implement SCP-035 (the mask itself). I remember longgggg ago that Concordia SCP had a beautiful mechanic on how to roleplay as SCP-035 AND SCp-035-1. He was one of the most dangerous Keter's on site. It would require some development but it would be amazing in the end. (more info on that if u ask me i guess lol) If these things aren't fixed, you'd might as well just take SCP-035-1 out of the server lmao Let me hear your thoughts! EDITS: You could possibly add a regeneration feature to SCP-035 (since his viscous acid fills his wounds and is produced via his mask). It would be very slow, but I believe it could be nice Also, you could change the /me system (if keeping it) to just roll higher then the other person. This way it would completely randomize the chance you get to control them (since its them rolling against being controlled). I would also strongly suggest that you remove the rule that if combat was initiated then I cant do the /me it makes it literally impossible to run up to someone or even surprise them. I always hide around corners and jump out and before my BIND can even register in chat, they've already shot me, making it a really dumb implemantation
  14. Scoron

    SCP-096 Buff - Denied

    Actually I change my mind, -Support SCP-096 is an SCP. He is sentient but doesn't have the cognitive capacity to understand what FearRP is. If you walk up with a gun and point it at it, it's not going to submit, it's going to keep crying and sobbing like it usually does and pace around the area. The only way, in my eyes, that SCP-096 should be re-contained is by bagging it. In my opinion, you can make it to where 2 people have to be present to bag it, but have to roll over a certain number (which should be increased to like 70/80). If you roll under 70/80 then you fail the bagging and you become an SCP-096-1 because you accidentally saw its face since you failed the roll. SCP-096 is a K I L L I N G M A C H I N E, not something that can be re-contained by screaming "FearRP" at it to get it to stop moving. It moves as it pleases, and if you look at it, well... you're dead buddy. Deal with it
  15. Scoron

    SCP-096 Buff - Denied

    +support Or you make it so you have that 096 doesnt roll to bag and that personnel need to roll over 70/80 to bag and if they fail they all roll again to see his face, if they roll above 50 they DONT see his face, but if they roll under then they are 096-1s and will die, causing more pandamonium