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  1. -Support You literally used hacks in gmod and got banned for it. I thought that was a perma ban so no clue how youre back but you should not be allowed on ET or staff after your history of hacking
  2. +SUPPORT. As a former member of SCP it pains me to see such bias to certain members by SMT. As what ive seen recently is blatant Bias towards Luxxy by rang.
  3. Hello everyone these past almost 3 years now have been awesome. From hopping on SCPRP one early morning while on spring break with my intentions to get banned and move on. To becoming high command and meeting friends that I still play with today. Then leaving SCPRP and joining imperialrp and becoming medical senior commander on there and meeting friends there as well. I never thought id go as far as I went. My time in gaminglight has been awesome and definitely an experience I wont forget. But my time has come, I'm currently trying to pursue medical school and pursing my dreams of becoming either an EMT or a doctor and will be focusing on that. I don't really have any intentions of ever coming back. I might stop by every once in a while to check on old friends that still play to this day. I wish everyone good luck and I thank everyone for the experiences I've had. This is Former HOMS Blarg and Former Medical Senior Commander Blarg signing off for the last time.
  4. Well blizzard its sad to see you go. Welcome to the Retirement home. Ima miss playing jackbox and Cards Against Humanity with ya! We ranked up together (Until you got marshal commander) and it looks like we resigned together as well. I still remember when you sacrificed yourself to save the ship and had to change your name from 501st Senior Commander Blizzard to 501st Senior Commander Appo. This by far as been the longest message ive ever written for someone's resignation. Ill be happy to play jackbox with ya sometime again!
  5. Massive plus support, -Active -Shows awesome leadership -Great guy overall
  6. Hey everyone. I have been resigned for awhile now but i wasnt able to get internet for a bit. Anyways i will be leaving the server for a bit. I have recently lost my apartment and am living out of a suitcase. As much as i dont wanna leave i have too. It has been fun since i joined the server almost a full year ago on April 30th 2020. Do i plan on coming back? After having a lot of time on my hands being you know basically homeless. I have decided Ill stop by every once in a while but wont be coming out of reserves. I have actually been thinking about resigning long before this happened. Its been fun but my time has come. Thank you to everyone for the experience. Special Thanks: Wyvern: Even though 95% of people might not even know who this guy was. He was the medical officer who helped me when i was an enlisted. Great guy Badger: The commander i aspired to be. Greatest guy ive ever met. Deltoid: Funny british child. Thats all i have to say Luci: Thanks for helping me with models and stuff. Maybe when i get back to a stable home i can teach you how to use roster better. Koopa: Bad music taste. Bad music taste. Apply for VCMDR when a slot is open please. Carl: A very angry person. Please chill out. Classy: The first CMO that i worked with as my first time as commander. Great guy and the whole reason why i made a monkey onlyfans. Proud to see how far youve come. Maple: A good guy. Ima miss you even though you resigned months ago. Spaghetti: Good guy, lead medical for me. Any current medical troopers: Ima miss all of you. Keep pushing and one day you will go far. Blizzard: The guy that i remember ranking up with. Great guy we will have to play jackbox again sometime. Talila: I still need my money man. Koopa didnt give me the money. smh Currently writing this from my phone. So no big special effects. Once i return to a stable home i will update this more and add more.
  7. DENIED You have been denied due as you have already had an app denied recently. Please wait up to 1 week to reapply. (or since youre CSM wait until you get promoted normally)
  8. DENIED Medical 2nd LT spots are currently full. Feel free to reapply in a week!
  9. Blarg

    whats ur rank?

    (Un)Certified Medical Professional
  10. Battalion Name: 69th Medical Corps Job/Class Name: Medical Biochemist Model Path: models/player/banks/mtroopers/mofficer.mdl Weapon Kit: E-11s rw_sw_e11s E-10 rw_sw_e10 Knife tfa_nmrih_kknife Bacta Injector weapon_bactainjector Health Stim weapon_jew_stimkit Armor Kit weapon_armorkit Binoculars rw_sw_bino_dark -Do you think that said weapons is suitable for the job and is fair considering current loadouts of other battalions?: Yes because this is the standard medical loadout but with a not very strong sniper. Health: 375 Armor: 125 Description (Optional): Medical Biochemist is a subdivision in medical that specializes in dealing with hazardous materials, and infections/disease. They're a specially trained group of only the best medics that the ISD has to offer. They work along side research in developing cures and are usually the first ones to deal with infections/disease. SOP Provided below: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KwpShPA_btjP3T2_JDpvKcxKQdiHD5neAbyxCV4kW6Q/edit?usp=sharing Do you believe these changes are fair to the battalion/job role it is responsible for and will benefit the server, if so, why?: This new subdivision will allow for more medical RP when it comes to events and also will allow for more medical RP as they're to work alongside the other medical subdivisions. It will also benefit the server and the battalion because Biochemist stands out from other subdivisions. We also hope that this new subdivision will increase branch relations as well. This new subdivision will allow for GMs to also have more options when doing events as well.
  11. Your In-game: Blarg Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78144682 The admin's name in-game: PvpSavage The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] PvpSavage What warning did you receive: Micspam and Running from a Sit Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I wasnt even in a sit at all. My friend was though. Even the person who warned me said he warned the wrong person (seen above). My friend was the one who was the one doing the warnable stuff. Any extra information: Even the admin said the warn was given to the wrong person. I was given the appeal link multiple times as well.
  12. +Support -Has came to medical command to ask questions for MO -Seems very interested in becoming MO -Active Love to have you on board!
  13. MAJOR +SUPPORT -Has done a lot for naval. -Has alot of experience - Active - Great guy overall. (I do miss him as CMO though)
  14. DENIED Medical command has decided to deny your application. Feel free to reapply in a week!
  15. ACCEPTED Congratulations on getting 2nd LT. If you haven't gotten training already please speak to Me, Carl, Spaghetti or Kami.
  16. ACCEPTED Congratulations on getting 2nd LT. If you haven't gotten training already please speak to Me, Carl, Spaghetti or Kami.
  17. DENIED Medical command has decided to deny your application. Feel free to reapply in a week!
  18. ACCEPTED Congratulations on getting 2nd LT. If you haven't gotten training already please speak to Me, Carl, Spaghetti or Kami.
  19. DENIED After going through a lot of choices we have decided to deny your application. However we have given you Deputy Director in Research instead!
  20. Name and Research Rank: Medical Commander Blarg Subject(s): Monkeys all named albert. Targeted Results: To see the effects of space on monkeys. Actual Results: Albert 1: Albert was sucked into the vacuum of space before we could set up the canister for him to be tested in. Albert 1 status: DECEASED Albert 2: Albert 2 was pushed into moonpool without being in a canister. He was supplied with oxygen but soon after being pushed into space he floated into space never to be seen again. Albert 2 status: MIA Albert 3: Albert 3 was put into a canister and supplied with oxygen. But the canister was sucked into the ships artificial gravity generator and smacked into the side of the ISD. Albert 3 was retrieved from the canister in " A Meaty state" Albert 3 Status: DECEASED Albert 4: Albert 4 was semi successful. The canister was successfully sent into space. Everything was going good until a tie fighter crashed into our canister. Albert 4 status: DECEASED. The SF status. CRITICAL CONDITION Albert 5: Albert 5 was sent into space with only oxygen. Instead of actually making it out of moonpool he smacked into the side of moonpool and was killed on impact. Albert 5 Status: DECEASED Albert 6: Albert 6 was sent into space with a canister and oxygen. All went well until we brought him in. Albert 6 crashed into the ceiling above moonpool. Albert 6 was retrieved in a "Crispy and mangled" state. Albert 6 status: VERY DECEASED Albert 7: Albert 7 was sent into space with a canister and oxygen. All went fine and albert 7 landed safely back in moonpool. Albert 7 was retrieved alive and well. Albert 7 status: ALIVE Procedures performed: None How could the procedure be improved: Better equipment and planning.
  21. Thank you for arguing with carl over fallout new vegas. As it got me back into fallout again. Sad to see you go
  22. Denied Medical command doesnt think your ready for officer as you have been banned from the discord. Feel free to reapply when you get unbanned.
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